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    I understand what you are saying. Looks are big. I know you have a lot of nice, new equipment, etc etc. We're working on it. This truck is in good shape, close to no rust on the body, no dents, etc. It's respectable, even though it's a '99 F-150 with 150K on it.

    I think once the ramp is painted black, the shocks are installed, the latch system is in place, it will look like a professional, well built "rig" It's not held together with duct tape, bungee cords, and zip-ties. It's TIG welded and looks to be of high-quality.

    As for customers thoughts, for one, I don't think anyone pays attention to how we get equipment to their homes. They dont want crap sitting in front of their house, but this wont look like crap. It will just be different. If they happen to be home and see this, like I said, it will be quick, efficient, and look good. If I were watching, I'd think "These guys got this down to a science" I'd rather see this in front of my house than a F350 with a 22' trailer, 4 mowers, only one of which is being used. I'd think that's a waste of $$.

    When my partner was building his house last year, the dozer guy pulled up to the house with a "flat-bed semi". No trailer and the thing was only 30' long from front to back. The bed tilted and he had the thing unloaded in under five minutes. And once he was done, he had the truck out of the dead-end street in no time. If he had a 30' trailer, ramps, etc, it would have taken him four times as long.

    Now, If I were doing a 15 acre property, I would not roll up in three trucks with three mowers. I would load up the trailer. But the truth is all of our stuff this year is "residential-sized", unfortunately. Due to the big three sucking, budgets were cut back and stuff is getting done in house. Since we unload, mow, and load up 30+ times per day, I think this will be great. I could be wrong, but time will tell.

    Like I said at first, this will also save $$, which is important, especially with how things are now. I already got rid of one trailer and our other one wont get used nearly as much. I'll probably get at least 5 MPG more without them, and it's less for guys to think about while driving.

    Last but not least, no one does this, except for Midwest out of Novi. Everyone has pickups and trailers. People might notice this and look at our trucks for long enough to get our name in their head.

    Time will tell..
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    i see your point you see mine fair enough. there is a old big thread on here somewhere where a guy put a flat bed on a 2500hd, may want to look for it for ideas.
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    Yes, fair enough. I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm not saying I'm 100% right either. I'd love to have the $$ for much nicer stuff, but I think this will work well for our needs for the time being. We'll see this week, huh?
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    MandS surely isn't the firstone who has done this with a pickup, and sure won't be the last. If it works, it works. A few sideracks of some sort, to hold all the other stuff, and he'll be all set (that is,...until you have some fallen limbs or debris to haul away).
    One thing that really has ME wondering though is, it was stated that you send a 60" mower out with three guys in the truck. What does the 3rd guy do??? Because if your answer is to help on trimming,you're throwing money out the window. You are having alot of "stand around" time. Now,..if it were the other way around,...2 60's and one trimmer guy, (with an extra trimmer loaded to help now and again), I could see it. But for the most part,...it should only take 1 trimmer to keep up with a 60, regardless if there is some push mowing done, or not.
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    Speaking of getting rid of trailers...I may be in the market for a quick buy (before Saturday) depending on a large contract about to be settled. If we get it I'd prefer to use one larger trailer, I'm thinking an open 18'. Needs to accommodate 1x 72" & 1x 52" ZTR and 2x 36" WB's preferably with racks.

    And on topic...I think if nothing else M&S has an interesting idea. I'm not going to search for the mentioned "other pickup thread" but if I remember correctly it was some young shmuck that did it on a 1/4 ton p/u. Good luck. Let us all know how it works out.
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    Part of the reason for this is that my partner who does most of the mowing had knee surgery this spring and cant do much trimming or blowing, so he cant just jump off the mower and keep working without his knee hurting. This way he can stay on the mower, one guy trims, one guy edges and starts blowing the front yard while the other two are mowing/trimming the back, and they all finish around the same time. I agree, it might be a little bit of wasted time, but for the most part it works.
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    What happens when the truck breaks down? You dont work that day? At least with a trailer if a truck goes down, you can hook another truck to the trailer and you are off and running again.
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    M&S Looks like it will work out all right when a few things get tweaked there. The only thing I worry about is you said that is an F-150, with three guys plus equipment it sounds like you are pushing the weight limit.

    Ive often thought about a dedicated van with a walkbehind inside. I always thought the pickup truck with a trailer looked bad.
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    Fords don't break down. Lol.

    I'll still have the trailer if needed. For now this is going to be the truck that I use with my other guy. We do the stuff that is spread out and further away than most of the other stuff. I'll still be using the trailer full-time with the other truck/crew.
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    Ok, so my question is....
    Where do you put your ramps at after the machine, and all of the whips, edgers, and blowers are all loaded?

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