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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Watson's Landscaping

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    Hey guys just got a call, I've got a property manger In need of some hydro seeding done at the 26mile/mound rd. area, and Hall road/Dequindre(sp) area.

    Sounds like 26mile area has some big areas to be done they just had 400yds of top soil graded...
    The Hall road area just has some spots in the courts that need to be done..

    This guy wants every thing top notch all the time, so if you do a good job and he likes you there is posabilty(sp) for more work to come your way!!

    PM me for the details on the propertys and phone #
    Thanks Guys!!!!
  2. Leisure Time Outdoor Serv

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    aside from that how's every one been doing?? things have been good over here just brough a blade sharperner

    It definitely makes life easier for sure. They are a good investment
  3. Jason Pallas

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    Something happened to me that has never happened in 28 years in this business. I caught a thief red-handed as he was trying to steal some of my equipment off of my truck. I have always prayed that I would catch one of the POS and I did! I was at a medical office that we do in Warren and a nurse alerted me that the guy had just taken a trimmer off of the back of my truck.
    Bad move on this guy's part - as I out weighed the guy by about 80lbs! Not being a big fan of violence and trying to rid myself of much the negative energy that such behavior brings (see Zen and Karma), I decided that I would try to keep from kicking the crap out of the guy and let the law handle the situation. Unfortunately for him, I guess I didn't try hard enough (LOL) and I ended up beating the living daylights out of this ****-stain.
    The best part is that as I was walking away from this guy as lay on the parking lot pavement with a broken nose, undoubtedly a few broken ribs and a whole lot of cuts and bruises, I decided to add insult to injury to this poor lad's day. Yes - I went back and made him empty his pockets, give me his shoes as well as his shorts and shirt. As he stood there in in his boxers and socks, I just laughed. I just robbed the motherf*cker of $28 and some change, his keys and his wallet. I kept the money and threw the other stuff in a dumpster about a mile down the road. This all happened at 13 and Hoover.

    Thieving Punks 0
    Landscapers 1

    Ha ha

    As all this was happening, I was worried about the nurse - who was still watching. At one point she asked if I wanted her to call the cops. When I told her that I had it handled, she told the guy that she thought I should have broken his arms too - because it was thieves like him that stole from hardworking people like herself. I'm gonna give her a gift card next week for helping me catch this guy.
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  4. M and S Lawn Care

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    I just picked up another Boss plow tonight.. '08 Standard Duty 7'6" for a Sierra 1500.. got a killer deal on it. Cant wait til winter! Lol!
  5. M and S Lawn Care

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    HAHAHA!! Amazing. Got me laughing. I like how you tried to be civil, but it didn't quite work. Nice work Jason.

    I think it would be fun for that to happen to us, as long as my partner Sean is around. He's down-right scary when in comes to strength and speed. He lifts 300lb boulders like it's noting, and can throw 80lb bags of salt about 20 feet...

    Glad you caught him.
  6. Jason Pallas

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    I tried to be the better man - but we just had $1000 worth of blowers stolen off another truck 3 weeks ago. So, I guess this guy caught me in a bad mood. LOL.
  7. M and S Lawn Care

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    At least you didn't fire up the hedge trimers. :)
  8. P.Services

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    as fulfilling as that would be i dont think i could bring myself to do it.... again..... its amazing how the court system can work sometimes. you sound like you need to sit in lock-up for a week and go to anger management classes, thats what they said to me anyways.

    just calm down next time and call the cops, i would hate to see you get into a all out fight and you end up whackin the guy in the beaner with a shovel and hes no more.
  9. P.Services

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    pictures would have been great though!!!!!!
  10. Metro Lawn

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    Way to go Jason!!!!! "kick his a@!, sea bass" rofl

    We started putting the lettering on my truck yesterday. Only about half done but it does look cool. All 3M reflective. Will post more when it is done.




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