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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

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    But I will have an 09 in the driveway soon. Shhhhhh its barley gonna be lettered. Just enough to write it off.
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    Wanna know more about me??? Heres my about me.

    I hope someone who figures out who I am, leads my "old boss" to this thread. Hes online, but hes above everyone else......so he wont read these boards!!

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    It must almost be snow season...........ick!!!

    Startup guy.
    My truck wont survive a plow.........
    Just purchased a quad with a plow.........
    Going from a medium duty to a 450cc quad...........yuk!! but i gotta do it.

    Whats the going rate...........im a pro plower.......my schedule even gave it to me today............worked all day.........and its 5:20 and im finally headed to bed.

    Let me know the word.........im bidding my jobs as if I had a truck.......willl sub 80 hours on end if thats what it takes.

    Either me..........or me and my guy........let me know.
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    Could you post any more?
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    Good luck Neil.
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    Thank God for tthe rain, it was getting verry dry. This should keep us busy for a few more weeks before it gets dry again. Its actually been a pretty mild summer heatwise.
    Hey whats the best way of trying to get an x-customer to pay. Ive got one that owes me $1710.I was mowing their personal house and servicing a bunch of rentals and investment properties they own.They sent me partial payments for a couple months and then things just went to far so I told them I would have to be paid in full before I continued service. They had me send the final bill but it has been a month and no reply.:realmad:
    They will pay one way or another.Even if I have to go oldschool on their a$$.
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    neil, number one get over your "old boss" big darn deal dont we all have one? it sounds like your day revolves around trying to "get back at him". a wise man once took his employee to a hill over looking a beautiful estate surrounded by lavish gardens, a enormous pool and amazing veiw of the lake. the wise man said " if you work your a$$ off all day every day for me some day this will all be mine".

    number two, go see some one if you know what i mean, you dont have both paddles in the water.
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    I was angry that night.....sorry if I rubbed anyone wrong. Its not normally me.

    I did work my ass off for him. That is one of the good things I learned from him, hard work takes you places.

    I did work for a long time with him, maybe not constant, but it was slave driving for someone who didnt care for anything but his bottom line.

    I am over it now. I have made a decision. 60-65 high end residentals and Im done, we will see what I can gross then, and see where I wanna go from there.

    I know its not gonna happen over night, but for now, I dont wanna be big.
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    Anyone into REO/Foreclosure that have opportunites downriver but just dont want the drive?Maybe I can help. Clean outs,lawn maintenance, security checks. I subbed last year for my brother and liked it. I would like to give it a go again. Thanks for any leads.
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    Cross cut........did you just take over a guy named dave?? If so we have spoke.

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