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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. AffordablelawncareMi

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    I guess I could be worse lol there is a guy down by me that has a push mower in the back of his taurus and a weed whip in his back seat cutting for $10. looks like that will be his rig for quite awhile. but about the inspection do they inspect stuff like proper tie downs safety equip. ect. that a weighmaster would be looking for or is the inspection card just for the mechanical aspects?
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  2. RVC_Lawncare

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    You've got a pm. Thx.
  3. terrapro

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    Inspection is just for the "mechanical" aspects of the truck and trailer. They have a check list to go down. I will find one of mine in alittle while and scan it to post here so you can see what they are looking for.

    For tie downs I always do 3 times the weight of the object which I think might be law also.
  4. AffordablelawncareMi

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    Wow awesome man thanks a lot! BTW I work for Ford also, so if anyone wants an X plan for a new vehicle let me know and we can work something out
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  5. terrapro

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    Her ya go...

  6. TheGrassBandit

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    For those of you who have used a trac vac, how well have they performed for you?

    I just bought one last week with a 6.5 B&S on craigslist and hope it's going to suck up some serious leaves for me this fall
  7. LawnVet

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    Yea, rain! And a good soaker at that.
  8. miketull8

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    Gotta love it!!!:clapping: I mean we've had some rain, but this will really green everything up! Started here around 7:00 last night and hasn't stopped yet!

    Still looking for a Trac Vac to mount on a Wright Stander......anyone looking to sell?
  9. flykelley

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    You will love it, hard to hurt them and hard to buy used.

  10. M and S Lawn Care

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    YES! Finally. I'm finishing up a new landscape install with close to 100 perennials and 40 shrubs, and I'm glad they're getting plenty of water! My grass already looks better.. hopefully we can cut our full route this week too.

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