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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. M and S Lawn Care

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    Dont have contracts in hand yet, but as far as I know I am. Jim and I are buddies! Lol.. I also met Troy a few weeks ago. Nice guy.
  2. Jason Pallas

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    You win. The customer/defendant still doesn't pay. You're left still chasing your money by way of garnishments, writs of execution and property liens.
  3. miketull8

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    Anyone have a used grass gobbler to fit a wright that you'd like to get rid of?
  4. procut

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    That pretty much sums it up. Small claims just doesn't scare those types of people.

    What I have done is just resorted to using a collections agency. Now granted, they take their 1/3 of whatever it is, but you don't have to do anything but fax over a copy of the latest invoice and they take it from there. They mail you a check when they collect. Like I said, it's a little costly, but is has to be the easiest method. Plus, the particular agency I have been using has got the job done each time I send them something.
  5. Superior L & L

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    Thats what we do, Small claims is a pain and time consuming then u still have to collect
  6. grassmaster06

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    any recommendation for a good collection agency or attorney someone owes me alot of $$$.
  7. Leisure Time Outdoor Serv

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    Rain Rain go away, I have 55 lawns to cut still
  8. greenstar lawn

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    i sure hope it doesnt rain all day because i think its suppose to rain tomorrow too. But if it decides to rain all day at least i can watch the Michigan game instead of listening to it while i am working. GO BLUE
  9. RVC_Lawncare

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    Yeah im two days backed up...This sucks. Even if it does clear up this afternoon,I have a stupid wedding to go to. Bleh.
  10. RVC_Lawncare

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    And i know this isn' the for sale forum, but i have a steel grass catcher made by rack em' 4 cu. feet capacity. excellent shape, comes with mouting bracket. No longer need it as i bought a trac vac.:drinkup: paid 250 for it a couple years back. Id like to see 150 or best. thx

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