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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. P.Services

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    home depot, should be on par with the rest of your equipment.
  2. LawncareAmericaLLC

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    Ouch, Picasso that was rough.LOl
    Try CL or Ebay maybe your local papers for a cheap blower.
  3. P.Services

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    well we bi tch and moan about all the hacks coming into the biz so when a new guy hops on with 30 post and asks where to get a blower what kind of company do you think he is?

    i started at some time to, but when i did i had worked for another guy for a year and then work for a day job for two years. I went out and did it right. got my name and insurance before i even owned a truck, bought all new handhelds (stihls) lightly used scags, painted my truck, painted a new enclosed trailer and decaled the death out of them. I feel i got into this the "right and respectable" way. i didnt hack lawns after my dad job when i could have (i did cut one, my bosses). I just have NO respect for guys that do this on the side and then say "oh dont worry im a small timer i dont compete with you" the F you dont buddy!!! i use to mow that lawn your standing on!!!! and i use to get top dollar for it!!! (true story)
  4. rstan2010

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    from Troy MI
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    Yeah that is the truth we get all these uninsured low balling so called companies that just take the work from under are feet and they do a crappy hack job as well. Its only gonna get worse.
  5. alternative

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    haha... crazy.. Although he's been looking for a backpack since August, Ive seen over a hundred for sale on here and craigs in the last 3 months. WTF. Are you looking for a free one or what? They're out there, go buy one. Best bet is spent $600 and buy a new one. (OR yeah, could get one at the depot for a couple hundred) lol
  6. grassmaster06

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    the low ballin is definitely here an apt complex that i take care call me and said they got a quote for almost 5 times cheaper than my prices, they are some part timers and dont plow snow because of liability issues (wtf) and offer really no other service other than mowing ,and they only edge once a month.i guess quality and reliability means nothing anymore oh well:dizzy:
  7. LawncareAmericaLLC

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    Come on guys we go this this every year!!! Lowballers are part of our industry and there is nothing we can do about it. Wait till the grass turns green and these so called new companies are going to come out like cockroaches. I already see flyers for ressis for 10.00-13.00 a cut with one free month service and 10 yards of free ceder mulch.lol
    Its going to suck this year for new clients. I already lost 5 accounts to low low prices.
    I do feel your pain picassso
  8. jdenys

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    I find it funny that so many people associate me on here as a lowballer just because I have few posts on this site. Indeed I was looking for a backpack blower since august but at the time i did not really need it, nor do i really need another one right now, but if the price is right for a decent one i would pick another one up. As for buying my equiptment at home depot, that one just hurts.
  9. TJ LAWN

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    I have made a VERY NICE living off of $15-20 yards...I have been in business since 1982...That is a great segment of my business...But not the only segment....I read what some of you guys write and just shake my head...Most of you guys on here accuse others of lowballing..Im sure you have lowerd you price to get a job...Is that Lowballing...Yes there is more guys out there charging lower prices..I view that as a challenge...Im sure i will lose some work..Always do to a lower price...I will also gain some work do to the Quality...Quality will beat out price in the long run....
  10. brookline

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    Everyone needs to quit b%%ching about lowballing unless you are going to do something about it. Lobby for laws to have insurance ect. Or lets get on the phone with news outlets as far as the dangers homeowners and businesses face when they hire the uninsured to do the work and then get sued when that person gets hurt on their property. That would eliminate alot of the lowballers out there. I have said this before but everyone just tends to skim over my suggestion without a response. Well if you are not willing to get together and do anything about it then stop complaining. An apartment I bid on this year said the guy they had last year kicked up a rock and it ricocheted and almost took out his eye.. No safety glasses or anything. Then he sues the apartments. This is an example to use as leverage.

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