Michigan LCO's

Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

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    Welcome! :)
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    It is the new world order...mandatory microchipping coming soon.. the end is near.
  4. TJ LAWN

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    Lease vs. Buying.. an age old question....I suggest you figure out whats best for your company...Talk to a CPA about write offs on a lease vs. Buy...My opinion is if you got 3K...I would put this towards Buying a new or Good used mower...Just my opinion...
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    I should hope they didn't give you a hard time. Just remember... Under promise and over provide.

    Oh I cussed you out for a hour today... I pulled that huge maple out of the wood you cut down.... On accident!!!!!!
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    You pay for gas, food, and hourly, I'll be there Thrusday, or I'll repile that sooo nice for for your RAM....

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    If anyone is selling a 05 or newer f-350, 250 or GMC 2500, 3500 4x4 ... I'm in the market for one right now... regular cab work truck ... perfer no snowplow LEt me know !thanks
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    From what i here :laugh::sleeping::laugh: it was brown and garbage in the late 80's and then by the 90's it was nasty sticky, green, dank, sparkly buds :clapping: from what i here that is/was worth 3 times more than that garbage from the 80's
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    That is the truth my friend... The end is closer than anyone knows
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    Paul, (superior) give me a call got to talk to you about lowes.

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