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    not the sh-t i used to get i always got the green stuff with little red and purple hairs :sleeping::laugh::cool2: since were on subject we used to get brown and black hash nowadays i dont even think that stuff is around at all.
  2. Jason Pallas

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    On another note - I installed a K&N Air Filter on one of our Lazers. I need to plumb it a little different (reduce the stack) - but it should save a lot $$ on air filters. These are the kind that you can wash out - resuable. Plus, I hated that big air filter on the back of the machine (stock).

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    any one else think this looks a little suspicious?? lowes?? riiiight!!
  4. P.Services

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    hey i have a idea..... how bout you come work for me again and i bill your mother for the babysitting and i bill you for the education and wisdom you gain.
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    Grrr...I hate how customers can be...Sent my last snow invoices out..hopefully my last for the year anyway...
    A guy complained about my over 8" service charge( which is double the per time price) I feel over certain amount of precip pricing is the norm for most companies(or a blizzard/winter storm clause)...What really pisses me off is this guy has a million dollar house and a two cars in his garage that cost over 100k a piece...what a dick.
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    Does any know what the going rate on brush hoging around 6 acres once a month,this needs to be included on my bid
    For the lawn maintenance .if I get the job I would really like to sub out the brush hoging or just rent a brush cutter for my skid steer, any help would be appreciated
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  7. procut

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    The fact that you get to do it once a month is pretty good. IDK, $225 +/-. I could even do for it you depending on where exactly you are.
  8. alternative

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    With this warm weather so far it looks like it may be an early spring...
    Who wants to guess when first cuts will take place?

    I actually want it to hold off for a bit longer, since Ive got so much bullsh*t to do in order to transition over to landscape from snow.
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    Off subject here. Am I the only one noticing WAY more mole traffic everywhere now that the snow has left? I've already had 2 customers call about it. What can I do besides roll the yards and flatten the tunnels? HELP!!:confused:
  10. Lightningllc

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    I went last night and met with a hoa board and we walked the property to see what we need to do this spring, WOW the voles tore up the grass and mulch, there was tunnels all though the grass in about a quarter acre area. Crazy what those little animals can do.

    Well because of them were starting spring cleanup thursday and mulch friday. Thanks voles.

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