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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Mike's Lawn & Snow

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    Still looking for someone to fertilize some properties for me let me know!
  2. LawncareAmericaLLC

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    I have the health form bill on pdf file and i think you need to read it carfully. I did not read anything about 50 employees or more. I read that all companies big or small will have to have health insurance for all. As for the payroll tax, you only have to pay it if you do not have the goverment insurance. If you want i can send the bill to you. All 2000 pages.
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    It must be spring, D&B Landscaping (D&B Greener), on Merriman was out painting, or dyeing, their front yard green. Then they park their spray truck out front, like look at how green our lawn is, hire us! You gotta be careful though, last year the green over spray on the side walk was a dead give away.Thumbs Up
  4. Outdoor Services

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    Looking for Tree Co. Job is north of Romeo in Northern Macomb, about 10 ash trees need cut down near bldgs.

  5. Mike's Lawn & Snow

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    Wow I've been in contact with a lot of customers the last few days and I cannot believe how many are talking about these 12.00 lawn cut guys holy sh*t!
  6. Mike's Lawn & Snow

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    I use Tri-Country Tree they are reasonably priced and do awesome work. They've always left me enough room to do a 15-20% markup on jobs.

    NIXRAY LawnSite Senior Member
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    Hey, I'm looking for a 4x4 in the MI area
    (MUST BE a 4x4 any cab config' FORD/CHEVY 1992-2000)

    Here's the kicker, if its going to be a cash only, I can buy the end of April
    or we can work out a barter

    (and yes, I will post in the marketplace)

    PM ME!!!
  8. LawncareAmericaLLC

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    Tell me about it!!! I have had at least 20 calls from clients saying they have gotten flyers or doorknockers saying they will do the job for 12-15.00. While im charging 25.00. I told all of them jasons story that he posted early and they realized that i was right and wouldnt want that to happen to them.lol needless to say they stayed with me and totally forgot about the 12.00 cut. lol
  9. Mike's Lawn & Snow

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    Yea im going to start using what Jason say's. Simply I've been telling them if I am doing this job for $23.00 what kind of quality can you expect from a 12.00 guy then they usually shutup right away. It amazes me that there is no customer loyalty in this biz whatsoever! Don't even get me started on commercial! lol
  10. BBLawn

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    No worries - I have my own copy :usflag:

    Read Sec 1511 -- 200 employee threshold for mandatory coverage

    Section 1513 discusses the phase-ins at the 50 employee threshold

    Because of the qualifiers existent in the act, ie "employers with more than 200 employees", all employers with fewer than 50 employees do not have any provisions of this law imposed on them -- I would wager to guess that includes most of us on this board.

    There is no payroll tax anywhere in this bill -- if you can find this, please post the section reference. I think you are getting this confused with the tax penalty that will be imposed if you do not purchase minimum levels of individual coverage -- that part does exist, but if you already buy health insurance today, nothing changes for you. Also, there is no "government insurance" under this act -- that part was the much-debated "public option" which no longer exists in the bill. All insurance in this country will continue to be provided by private companies, unless you qualify for Medicare/Medicaid (which is what the *real* angry debate should be about IMHO!)

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