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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

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    Page 22 states that the goverment will audit all books of employees who are self insured.
    page 42 the goverment will chose your health care benefits for you.
    page 59 The goverment will have direct access to your bank account for funds transfer.
    Page 72 states that the goverment will privatize health care under govermant control.
    Page 126 states that employers must pay for health care for part time employees and there families.
    page 127 states that the goverment will tell you what you can make. (doctors)
    page 145 states that all employers must enroll in the goverment health care no exceptions
    page 149 states that a company that makes 400,000 or more who does not provide the govermant health care will have to pay a 8% total payroll tax.
    150 says that a company that makes 250,00 or less that doesnt provide the govermant health care plan to employees will pay a 2-6% payroll tax.
    169 says that if you dont provide govermant health you will pay a 3% tax
    I can keep on going but im not going to argue with a sheepeople. Sounds like you want it to pass and i dont. All i can say is your children will be proud of your decision for them. good luck to you. youll need it
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    It is amazing and disturbing that the people in favor of this legislation know little if anything about the ramifications of it. If it passes it will be a nightmare. The politicians that support this will get theirs in November.
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    I'm still looking for 60" ZTR if anyone has one for sale.
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    Mike - LawncareAmericaLLC glad I was able to help you keep some customers with the story/technique. Makes me feel good - and like we won a small battle against the lowballers! Feel free (the rest of you) to use that approach. It's very effective in fighting these $12 and $15 lawn scrubs.
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    Jason, Thanks for the story. After i told the story there attitude totally changed and they didnt even say anything about the 12.00 cut. All they were worried about was "I hope that doesnt happen to me". I saved myself about 5 jobs so far with your story. Thanks agian i owe you a beer or two or three.lol
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    I have a 61" turf tiger 29hp dfi kawi 1100 hours velocity deck super good shape. I'm the only person that ever ran it. Make me a offer I need to sell it.
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    Let me add this about the $12 and $15 guys; with gas the way (price) that it is, these guys aren't going to be around to see the beginning of May. Gas is head to $3 and beyond. Combine that with a moderate growth spurt (longer time on the long/higher labor), and there goes your profit. I know that we sometimes operate (briefly) in the Red during this time. Albeit, briefly, there are times that we loose money in the short term to make money in the long term. HOWEVER, these guys operate on a very hand to mouth / short term basis. A short term loss is catastrophic for them (boo hoo). So, as much as I hate to say it, higher gas prices may actually work in our favor.
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    Calm down, Lawncare - I have never once called you a name or made this a personal attack on you, so I'm quite surprised you have resorted to mudslinging and insults. Like many of us, I'm just looking for an honest critique of this legislation that didn't come from the lies on Fox News and right-wing talk radio. So I downloaded a copy of the legislation off the Senate web site and started to read -- and yes, it is 2,409 pages long. I didn't think doing my own reading and research made me a "sheepeople" - whatever that is! - but you're free to hold your own opinion. Anyway, long story short, I started out looking for all these doomsday provisions being tossed about by the radical right, and was pretty surprised that I couldn't find any of them, at least not in the form that certain elements in this country are trying very hard to make us believe. So I started to ask around to all you folks yelling for references to sections in the act so I could read the actual law and verify what they are saying, and to date not a single one has been able to provide this. In fact, just like you did, more times than not I get called all kinds of nasty names just because I want to read the law myself rather than just accept Rush Limbaugh's word as god.

    So, back to my point, I don't have a dog in this fight -- I didn't vote for Obama and hold both the Dems and Republicans as equally worthless -- I just want to know how this law will effect my daily life, and the answer I keep drawing is that it pretty much won't. I don't really care if it passes or not, I just want some honest discussion and a lot less lying and shouting.

    Now, as a point of form, please use only section and clause references - page numbers vary greatly depending on the formatting of the document. I'm looking at the official pdf file of the legislation on the Senate web site, so I'll do the best I can to match up your page numbers above:

    Page 22 - Sec 2714 - requires insurers to offer coverage for dependent children up to age 26 (sounds pretty good to me, today the cut-off is 21). There is no mention of a self-insurance audit

    Page 42 - Sec 2794(b)(2) - requires the government to track the annual price increases of health insurance premiums (no action required, just monitor them). There is no mention here of the government picking your benefits

    Page 59 - Sec 1103(a)&(b) - requires the government to set up a website that compares the price of available insurance options (I don't see any harm in this, it might even be helpful). No mention of bank account access.

    Page 72 - Sec 1104(b), in part - is part of a lengthy section updating the Social Security Act to the end of allowing more electronic transactions and less physical paperwork (pretty boring stuff here, but nothing earthshattering). There is no mention whatsoever here of the public takeover of private insurance.

    And we could go on & on, but I think I've made my point. My suspicion is you are reading an old draft of proposed legislation, not the version that is actually being considered today. The payroll tax provisions, for instance, were part of the House bill at some point last fall, but were completely stripped out by the Senate - I'm not even certain the House actually passed them in their final copy.

    Again, I'm not looking to fight with you -- just like all of us I really want to know if any of this legislation is going to effect my business & bottom line and to date not one single person I have asked has been able to provide a single reference - Section & clause - to the actual law being debated today that I can read and conclude that it will actually cause harm to me. I'm hoping you can break this streak -- if you know something here that really exists in the actual law, not just in Fox News fantasy land, please post it here so all of us can look it up and make our own conclusions.
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    speaking of gas .....WTF?!? i just paid $263 the other day...and it's up to $2.85 here now. maybe the $12 hack jobs can give away $50 gas cards too. lol

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