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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. SilverTouch

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    yeah, i still have my old id that says I'm a Taylor resident, so i get away with it occasionally.
  2. RVC_Lawncare

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    So i have heard a couple people say flyers and postcards are "trashy" and "desperate"...maybe if they are total pieces of crap handed out waaayyy to early like what i have seen so far...but, who has really started to crank them out? If you do in fact flyer...Anyone? Anyone? I dont start until right around now...thoughts and strategies anyone?
  3. SilverTouch

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    i started a little last week and increased this week. i always feel like i am way behind though.

    lol...I've had more people say how professional my business cards and flyers are this year than i have customers....lol...maybe i need to re-evaluate the line of work i am in...:laugh:
  4. brookline

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    I will be starting next week with doorhangers. Got a nice deal from Uprinting.com
  5. LawncareAmericaLLC

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    Oh, I could of sworn i seen there trucks parked in the fenced area right were i seen your dump trailer at? Could be wrong. I went to school with paul, but dont know him very well.
  6. Metro Lawn

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    Did you go to Lakeview HS?
  7. LawncareAmericaLLC

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    Yea i went to bakeview.lol Graduated in 92. why did you???
  8. alternative

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    Trust me...Ive been there forever. Pauls old yard is exactly one block north. It is a fenced yard as well and there is a HVAC company in there now. Augie (Sharpcut) can chime in and tell you..as he use to work for Paul in the 90's.

    I belive Paul grad. in mid 80's- right around when john(metro) did..Right John?
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  9. alternative

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    Small world though...I know a bunch of girls from LV HS class 91-92.
    We've probably met eachother before... I went to the other HS on the lake.
  10. alternative

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    Yesterday I get home and sitting on my porch takin by boots off and this young kid is passing flyers out.. He sees my truck(my daily driver P-u) which has some logos, and decides to skip my house..walking by looking at the road the whole time. After he drops one at my other side neighbor he makes eyecontact and I say "What about me? Dont I get a flyer?" He is in shock and stammers...Uhhh I saw that you are a landscaper and didnt think you need one..So I bullshit him and tell him, No, I just work for this company, but we need a service for our lawn. My wife usually hires our lawn guy.. So he give me one. (a tacky, homemade flyer) and I ask him...so are you insured? Of coarse he says, "No, were just a small company, me and my brother and we only do residential"... WTF? I tell him that doesnt matter, you need insurance. What happens if youre cutting my lawn and throw a rock threw my bigass bay window? Whos gonna pay to fix it? "Ummmmm..mmm, I guess we would have to." I say damn right and worse what if you get hurt on my property? "Well I know what youre saying and we actually thought about getting insured.." I told him, keep thinking, until the code enforcement officer stops you and fines you for no license ($500 fine)

    Best part of the flyer..We can give you the best price because were small and family owned+operated. WTF. Small, family operated... he forgot to mention that he has no insurance and therefore can cut for $15.

    I cant wait till one of my customers calls with his flyers, so i can tell them all about his :Family operation: I actually like to see a hard working kid..cause thats exactly how i started in highschool,except i was insured from day 1Needless to say, I told this kid 4 times in the 10 minute conv. that insurance is the #1 nessecity in this biz and he needs to get some now... or at least if he wants to cut my lawn for $13. :laugh:

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