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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

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    sec. of state don't know **** about the rules. Talk to your local commercial motor carrier enforcement officer. spoke in depth with the one from canton, after he issued a no medical card ticket. very informative about what is and is not legal. best part is each and every city or town can and may have their own rules and requirements for what is a commercial vehicle.

    Best to get to know who is enforcing in each city you work in. Dosn't hurt to donate to their favorite charity as well.
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    Soo. Why can your average joe home owner use it, but not me? I think I will take my chances. Suggestions anyone?
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    Rochester Elevator 248-651-7711
    and when you buy over 20 bags you get pallet discount as low as 15 $ Normal price is 20-22 i think for 40 LB bags for weed and feed
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    I just fricken told you one!

    RIP Ernie
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    You can get Deer Repellant Spray at Tractor Supply Company.

    On another note - saw another couple of good ones today #1) A beat up Safari Mini Van pulling a worse looking beat up trailer with a bunch of homeowner equipment - including a Ryobi Riding Tractor #2) A mid 80s Cadillac Eldorado pulling a 16ft lawn trailer with a couple of beat-up walkbehinds on it. I just laughed my ass off at these guys.
    At some point, you have to realize that these guys pose no threat to you. Almost all of my customers would never even consider hiring these types of jokers to do work for them. They just dirty the water at the low end of the customer base - and make consumers out of people who normally wouldn't be in the market for a lawn service. I mean, at $12, what joker who doesn't care about quality would pass that deal up!
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    Ryan. There are a lot of good guys on here who could help you out and you"ll get better results with there liquid apps and proper lawn analysis... not worth getting caught doing something as silly as spraying without a license or god forbid hurting something or someone. Give Eric at five star lawn care a call ... I'm sure he works in ur area.
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    AJIslands Is there an all girl outfit on the Island? I was giving an estimate and noticed a couple of girls cutting and trimming in shoooort shorts.
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    Only know of one girl that cuts, and she drives a green f250...

    what street were you on? And how old did they look?
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    Hey AJ I see you called me last night, had the phone on the charger. Ill be on the mower all day but if I don't answer Ill call you righ back.

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    Hey I like your ad in the Marketeer. Ive seen a couple signs around too.

    I load a 36 and a 48 up on a 9' flatbed and absolutely love it. When I don't need a trailer why use one? Everthing is strapped down and legal. I don't think it looks bad and I don't have to deal with another piece of equipment.

    I have been shopping for a small box van to start using. I really think this is the way I want to go for a mowing rig. The only problem is I can't plow with it...could set up a killer sidewalk crew though! A pallet of salt, push spreaders, ATV, and a couple snow blowers all enclosed and out of the weather sounds very nice.

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