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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Tscape

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    I'm just keeping it real. Everybody complains about lowballers and hacks, then they don't want cops to enforce the rules. It's a weird dichotomy that borders on hypocracy.
  2. ajslands

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    I don't complain about lowballers nor hacks.
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  3. P.Services

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    For sale....

    great shape. needs a new head because this one is worn out. Doesnt have more then 50 hours run time on it but it has been sitting in the shop collecting dust for 2 years.

    Starts and runs good.

    $150.00 for it. Dont offer less or i will bite your head off. Seriously.

    whip 1.jpg

    whip 2.jpg

    whip 3.jpg

    whip 4.jpg
  4. Watson's Landscaping

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    Just checking in on this wet a$$ morning we've been staying pretty busy the last couple weeks and the phones been ringing like carzy. Had a good laugh this week to, went to look at a job. The guy wanted shrubs trimmed, old mulch raked out, old weed cloth removed, new cloth put in and 4yds of new mulch. Very small area and we could have been in and out in 4hrs. I told him my price and he just about fell over, and followed it up with I've got a bid inside for $200 at which I fell over. Theres $128 just in mulch. I told him thanks for calling and got in my truck and laughed my a$$ off. Thinking about driving back over there to see the hack work!!!
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  5. Superior L & L

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    I'll give ya $75.00 if you will deliver it :)

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  6. Tscape

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    Be careful, those things go through heads like every 50 hours.
  7. greenglacierllc

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    Well seeing that were selling thing's
    I have two 928D grasshopper mower's F/S
    72" deck's with bagger's
    2003 3000hrs
    2005 1017hrs
    if anyone is iterested
  8. grassmaster06

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    I'm selling a real nice redmax 8050 blower $325
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  9. irlandscaper

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    Looks like they buried an old wooden retaining wall. Decomp settled the yard. Ive seen this a lot around our area with old railroad ties or even builders burying stumps. JMO.
  10. P.Services

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    Funny guy today.

    Wana hear something real funny.....up in the hills, (the lawn on the corner of tyron trail and fawn valley)I pulled the spark plug boot off one of your whips when the worker left in at the bottom of the drive while he was mowing. He musta pulled on that thing 200 times before he figured out what was wrong with it, mark and I were laughing our butts of 50 yards away we figured he would looked at us laughing and figured out it was me but he didn't.

    I was going to put a piece of rag in the boot and put it back on but I figured he never would have figured that out.
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