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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

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    Yeah if you ride the ground with it you will burn a head a week. I don't know why they can't make the plastic thicker, its paper thin brand new. Not a whip for a dummy. (That excludes all superior l and l workers!)
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  2. Dripit good

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    That is really funny.

    Hey, you know what? You could pull that prank on your own guys too!! You could relive that joy until you showed all of them your trick.

    That would be really funny.....wouldn't it?
  3. P.Services

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    Heck no that isn't funny! Then its my time and money they are wasting. When its pauls time and money your wasting its hilarious!!!!!! You know what I mean?
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  4. Lightningllc

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    Another good one is when u Pull the pin on the hitch, pull the break away and disconnect the chains on the trailer. And put the jack down. They drive away not even realizing the trailers where they stopped,

    Another one is pull all the string out cut it short on all the whipes.
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  5. cuttin-to-the-Max

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    Hey guys sorry to interrupt the funny LCO Tricks....
    But i was wondering if anyone Participated in the (Weingartz) Mower lease program???
    Its All Exmark Mowers WB- 3k for a season/ 6 months
    Then ZTR's are 4k for the season/ 6 months
    They do ALL maintenance on the mowers
    You just have to take it to them Once a month....
    While they do-what they do You can wait of they will give you a loaner....

    Kinda started talking about it in this thread here Click This link Lawn site ThreadBut i was just looking for some Local LCO Input....
  6. P.Services

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    United leases allmost all of their mowers but I'm sure they get better rates then that. The only way to make that work is to be running 1,500 hours at least per season but I'm sure they have caps on the hours anyways. It would be hard to make the numbers work. In two years you could have bought it.
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  7. grassmaster06

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    anyone ever install drain pipe to a ditch and cover it up .i have a customer that wants his ditch back filled and steel corrugated pipe installed ,the job is straight forward and simple but where can i get the pipe from and is what type of permits will be needed and i wonder if i can even pull the permits without having a builders license,the customer said if i do it on the weekend its ok but i don't want need any trouble later down the road.what do you guys think
  8. cuttin-to-the-Max

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    FYI Im looking at the vantage 52" stander
    Thats the same thing another pperson told me in the other thread..I put about 600- 700 hrs on my machine a season..
    No caps at weingartz
    2 yrs yes i could have bought it. Very true. But my invision is after 2 yrs Mowers are bound to have stuff happening to them.
    This way at the end of this season i can have them tag the mower so i get "MY" mower back next year. The season after Next its prob. going to be on its last leg so instead of trying to sell it or get rid of it i would just return the mower and start ALL OVER AGAIN! :clapping:

    Did i say they do all work on the mowers?
  9. P.Services

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    Do you need it every day of the week? If not rent that thing out to another small time guy that needs it two days a week and charge him 100 bucks a day. Make money off of weinergartz
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  10. Superior L & L

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    Used 12 & 16" drain pipe from ADS. Good fill and compaction is a must. We didn't need permit but had to do it to to twp specs.
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