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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Centralmichiganlawncare

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    Just picked up my new trailer today. Its a Haul-It 7x16 got a pretty good deal. If anyone is looking for a heavy duty trailer and want to drive a bit contact dave at us 127 motorsports. I only paid 2300 for mine
  2. gunsworth

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    I need a one time cut at 6mile and Sheldon in Northville. House is for one of my realtors and needs to keep the city off their back. I cut it 2 weeks ago, but dont have the time to drive out there. supposed to be closing on it.... 50$ took me by myself about 30-40 mins last time with edging (no need to edge this time though)
  3. cuttin-to-the-Max

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    Hey does anyone have a sthl trimmer gear hear/ broken sthl string trimmer???
    I'm looking for a sthl gearhead... I took mine off and I think that's the problem because the cord turns on the fs55
    But the head won't turn!

    Please let me know if you can hep
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  4. stuffdeer

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    Bad Boy mowers...

    All Seasons in Belleville. Good guys. Love my bad boy, looks like a tank next to a husqvarna.
  5. alternative

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    Anyone add an overgrowth fee to their billings for last month. I know some customers will cry and some will accept it, but i think its only fair. We spent a ton more in fuel and labor just to make these lawns look half way decent.
    I dont care anymore =if they wanna quit, quit. Im not losing money..this isnt a charity.
  6. stuffdeer

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    City of Southgate cops are out hard on all lawn services...Have everything ready to go.

    Got pulled over yesterday, but he didn't ticket me for anything...talked to 3 others, they all got pulled over too.
  7. terrapro

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    I don't know about you but we have been able to pick the jobs we want to do and skip what we don't. It has been a good year for work.

    I have been seeing more and more morons with mowers not strapped down or if they are it is one little 1inch strap so oh well.
  8. stuffdeer

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    I have been flooded with work as well....and its nice to pick and choose what jobs I want and don't want.
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  9. A+ Lawn Care

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    Does anyone have any experiance with doing jobs on rest areas for the state? I got a call today to give bids on 7 of them and have never done government contracts before. Any tips or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. alternative

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