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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

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    Hey guys im looking to get rid of a cutomer in Novi, its over by Great Oaks on Bristoil Circle. Its 4.5 miles away from all my other ones and its taking up too much time with the drive. Pm me if interested. Thx
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    Hey cgrappler135, Can't pm because I'm on my cell but we mow a couple of lawns in there and I can handle it. Cal me (248)-982-5263. Thanx, brad.
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    Craigsliist is full of losers---i dont know why I ever put an ad for help on there...what a joke!
  6. cuttin-to-the-Max

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    And everyone wonders why we hire Hispanics.
    Most Americans don't like hard labor and don't take pride in their work, YET they want to be payed "maximum" wage!
    I hired a guy off CL he said he had 7yrs of ex. With torre & berg. But he couldn't mow, trim, or pick weeds!!!!!!!
    He was fired the next day..
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    I have a client who wants me to install 16 yards of mulch and bed edge 400 feet of flower beds.

    From what I can find on LawnSite prices range from .50 - 1.00 a foot. Are people really paying that much for bed edging?

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    Hell yeah! Because after you fix 3 cut sprinkler lines, the cable line, and the invisible dog fence twice, you just about break even on the job. $1.00/ft and nothing less!
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    That invisible dog fence line is holy crap expensive. I know I cut it in two places, and the bill was just under $200. They said it is $100 a hr, with one hour minimum.

    I'm in the wrong business....:confused:
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    That's half the problem. You need to fix it yourself
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