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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Lightningllc

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    Sounds fine and dandy. But with that said I had a brand new truck a year ago and received 4 violations for nothing truck had 3000 miles on it.

    A buddy of mine had a brand new truck he drove from the dealer to his shop and got 13 violations.

    I had mowers tied down in 4 spots on the mower and got a violation because they were not where they should be.

    A buddy of mine got a ticket because he had a dark window on the back of his work truck from the factory.

    It's all a money game, they wave points and you only have to pay fines. It's these cash strapped communities that have had budget cuts and this is a way of making up lost revenue by picking on the businesses that are out working.
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  2. Outdoor Services

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    If the U boys got pulled over I am sure they would find something. They have trailers forsale at road side that have holes in the side walls.:rolleyes: Those trailers where used and in service??
    Nothing is perfect. All you need is one of the mexies to forget something. They invent things to write up, it is way out of control. They will not let you leave until they make some $$$
    We need a dedicate thread to doctument how the dot/weight masters are profiling the green industry!!!!!!!!!
  3. 24v6spd

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    Macomb County Sheriff has one
  4. 24v6spd

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    They are going on a ticket writing frenzy because soon their money grab will be over. HB 5228 has passed in the house and is progressing along.
  5. greenstar lawn

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    Well luckily never seen him.

    I was pulled over twice last summer and not one of them wrote me a ticket or even inspected my trailer knock on wood
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  6. 24v6spd

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    Saw him on Hayes last summer. Black Tahoe or similar vehicle.
  7. Outdoor Services

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    Yep saw him at 26 Mile and North Ave. last Wednesday. He had a customer, a Izuzu box truck. For once it was not a landscaper :)
  8. Superior L & L

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    Looking for a 16' landscape trailer if anyone has a spare ?
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  9. terrapro

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    AHHH that wind is terrible! Could barely do anything today.
  10. TMAC669

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    From reading this post my set up must have been up to snuff as MSP's finest pulled me over just outside of Flint, he looked at my set up with a fine tooth comb, heck I think he even called the dealership where I purchased my mowers to check to see if any where reported stolen as the dealer tag is still on the mowers along with serial numbers. Officer was upset when he had to let me go without some kind of ticket. Right before I was about to drive off he asked me about a weapon as he looked in the database and saw I hold a CCW permit. In Michigan when pulled over you have to let the officer know immediately when u have your weapon on your person. My reply was, "officer I don't have a weapon on me" Darn I can't even get him for not disclosing that little piece of info!!!! ARRGGGHHH==Police Officers reaction.

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