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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

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    your not telling the truth, go back and read your posts from the past and it sure doesnt sound like a homeowner to me.
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    This is gonna get ugly.
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    ok guys, back on topic please and refrain from the personal comments towards one another
  4. Superior L & L

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    Ohhhh boy, better hope there terms are net 5. That is some big dollars to have sitting out for 60-90 days. 350 homes would avarage 3 yards a day sprinklers, graded and sodded. Back in 2000-2001 majestic did a TON of pulte work and there sprinklers crew did three systems a day and there grade/ sod crews would do 4-5 yards a day. They had more Mexicans running around than u knew what to do with. Two grade foreman and a sprinkler for man
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    2 weeks ago ppl were blowin up my phone wondering when we were starting and now i am getting calls wondering why i cut this week bc it wasn't that long
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    Anyone know where I can get a tree ball cart for like $200?
  7. terrapro

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    What is this "commercial work" you two are referring to? Do you perform duties in trade for currency or not? If yes do you NEED your vehicle to perform these duties? If so your vehicle needs to be registered and plated with the State of Michigan with commercial vehicle plates and also needs commercial vehicle insurance coverage.
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  9. Outdoors_Unlimited

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    I'm so glad I roughed it out this spring. I was so close to selling all my ****, and finding a job.

    But my hard work is finally starting to pay off!!!! As some of you know, I pursue the high end resi work, all inclusive everything types.

    This spring I quit advertising thinking I was gonna fold up shop, as it was seeming impossible to land a full route of my niche type jobs. I had two of them, hoping to have 5. I now have 7 of them. Now I'm scrambling to figure out how I will cover them all ;) They all came from referral, and were bid right ;)

    Sorry, had to let my excitement out somewhere ;)
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    Wow this week has been busy, but I think we are in for a major round of work in may, hope everyone's ready.
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