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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. cuttingedge13

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    Wait till Home Depot gets their bill for an inspection of each location in Michigan!
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  2. BBLawn

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    I'm trying to remember the exact stat Amy gave me, but I believe she said the average nursery inspection charge was $3,000 last year. The State's original proposal was to raise this by 50% (!!!) this year, but in the end they agreed to scale it back to this new per-hour plan. However, the bill is designed to be pretty much revenue-neutral and the inspection revenue collected needs to make up for the gap in all the current $100 license holders expected to drop to the $35 level. That's why I'm reading between the lines and concluding that we do not want to go through this mandatory inspection. I'll gladly dump the brokers & pay a little more locally to avoid a bill like that, but in the end its all about your volume and the cost savings vs. inspection costs.

    Home Depot, Lowes, Meijer, Kroger, Walmart, Costco, Walgreens, Whole Foods, English Gardens, etc. -- I really want to find out what their strategies are going to be. Remember each retail storefront needs its own license and will get a separate inspection. Either the State is going to get rich on those guys, or I'm going to be mighty ticked off if they somehow get a free pass. Very interesting...
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    So if I buy my plants at Milarchs in New Hudson I should be fine with the $35 one then? (I like to follow rules but I pay for college at MSU and don't have thousands of dollars every other year to pay for an inspection)
  4. BBLawn

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    We buy some stuff from Milarch's as well. Yes, from what I understand the $35 certificate will be fine -- at least that's the chance we will take. There is still a question of how to document all this. Definitely keep your receipts from them for at least three years. We'll talk with them at some point soon about the inspection certificate copy and get their take on these changes.

    I'm developing a hunch that as long as you have receipts that will allow MDARD to trace any diseased plants back to an original point of origin into the state, that is the real objective of this law. Hopefully we'll get some better clarification later this summer.
  5. Working Man

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    Where do you guys go to get your trailers? I need an 8.5 x 18' Blue Enclosed trailer and don't have time to have one built. I've heard about going to Elkhart, Indiana, but never gone there before. Anyone know of a place to start looking for one now?
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    Figure out which brand of trailer you want, most are built in Elkhart. You can find a distributor there. I bought a Pace American and saved a lot by driving down and picking it up.
  7. Working Man

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    Thanks, I've had decent luck with Forest River and Interstate so far. Both have their own problems but all in all they have been pretty durable. I think as long as I stick with the thicker crossmembers, 8.5 width, and some air vents I'll be good. The beavertail in the Forest River is nice too but not necessary.
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    So heres a question for you guys. After reading some more of your post and looking my letter over again I only need the $35 one but currently have the $100 certificate. Is there any way to get money back or do I have to wait till renewal time? Thanks guys
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  9. BBLawn

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    No, check the FAQs they sent with the letter. You need to wait until the renewal comes in October. Then they will give you instructions on how to downgrade the license.
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    So no one else here plants bulbs? That pretty much puts you right into the NDS category.

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