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    Not that it matters anymore, the damage was done.

    If there was justice in the world, all the fines they stole from us the past several years would be returned. With interest.
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    Good luck to you Brad!
  3. terrapro

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    I don't even remember what was included. Was it any 26001lb combined gross vehicles whatever are not to be included in the DOT reg's? What about inspection stickers on 3/4ton and 1ton trucks?
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    Good Luck in your new adventure Brad
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    Thanks cole and scot. Scot, how are things going for you on the west side.
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    Anyone help me out? I need to get a bid for this services to them ASAP.

  7. Leisure Time Outdoor Serv

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    Things are great Brad. thanks. Looking at getting it going in the fall for cleanups and winterizations
  8. SomervilleLawncare

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    Here is some info on the bill that was passed for those of you interested. What I take from it is that the only things you don't have to have anymore are DOT numbers, DOT inspection stickers, and log books. Your still required to have everything else including med cards. It also seems to me that if you continue to keep the DOT stickers on your trucks they will still be subject to full DOT regulations. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Public Act 231 of 2012


    Public Act 231 was approved by the governer 6/29/12, assigned Public Act number 231 of 2012 and ordered to take immediate effect.

    )The Act provides that the State adopts a number of Federal motor carrier safety regulations. Under the Act, these regulations would not apply to a vehicle that is not a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) as defined in 49 CFR 383.5 and/or that is operated in intrastate commerce. Such a vehicle, however, would remain subject to 49 CFR Parts 391 through 393 link to applicable section of the act: PA 231 Sec. 1a (3).

    Under 49 CFR 383.5, the definition of "CMV" refers to;
    1. a motor vehicle or combination of motor vehicles that weighs at least 26,001 pounds;
    2. is designed to transport at least 16 people;
    3. or is used in the transportation of hazardous materials that require placarding.

    FMCSR Parts 391-393 continue to apply and contain rules that pertain to qualifications of drivers (medical cards/driver files) and longer combination vehicle driver instructors, driving of CMVs (driver pre-trip inspection, RRX rules, fatigued or ill drivers etc), and parts and accessories necessary for safe operation (including safety equipment, lighting rules, brake requirements, cargo securement etc).

    In addition, Sections 5(8) and 6(1) of the Act would not apply to a non-CMV that is operated in intrastate commerce. (Under Section 5(8), a motor carrier operating entirely in intrastate commerce solely within Michigan may not permit or require a CMV operator engaged in seasonal construction-related activities to operate for more than a specified number of hours in a particular period of time. Section 6(1) requires motor carriers to submit their transportation safety-related documents and equipment for inspection or copying to an enforcement member of the State Police Motor Carrier Division.


    NON-CDL requiring commercial motor vehicles operated entirely within Michigan [in intrastate commerce] will no longer need to display USDOT numbers, carry proof of DOT inspection and drivers will no longer need to use log books.

    If you have a USDOT number displayed on your vehicle and you no longer require it due to PA 231, you may wish to consider removing it from your vehicles. The USDOT monitors carrier and driver compliance with the DOT rules by tracking violations attached to DOT numbers under the CSA compliance and enforcement program.
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    That's great Somerville, except I nor my drivers never did need logbooks.

    So, have the truck nazi's on the east side of the state been giving you guys a break now?
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    Finally some rain. Bout time.
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