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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. TGS. Inc.

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    I am selling my commercial building in Inkster, MI. I ran my lawn business out of it for about 4 years until we moved into our bigger building around the corner. Don't let the area scare you, they steal your stuff in every city! Building is 2400 square feet. 2 bathrooms, 2 offices, 2 man doors and one garage door. Yard is fenced in and off the beaten path. You could put 20 trucks in yard if you wanted, plus there is additional land behind that goes with package that isn't fenced in. If you work in this area, you can be central to your customers for a really reasonable price! What are you spending on storage sheds? Build some equity / start paying yourself.

    $ 59,900.00. (313) 999-6728

    2648 Bayhan, Inkster South of Michigan Ave, South of railroad tracks.

    FYI - I will be out of town this week so I may be a little slow in responding to inquiries. Thanks, Wayne



  2. Superior L & L

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    Hmmm a $10,000.00 landscape gets a $300 fuel surcharge ? Wow, not sure how 75cents in fuel Increase equates to $300 for a project that would probably not take a week.
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    It's just not my prices that go up with fuel increases, the yards are charging more for material, my dump spot it's charging a $3 surcharge, and people take seeing a surcharge better then a price increase.
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    ^^^^^^ You don't have to defend your pricing structure, if you can get away with higher prices go for it. We all too often complain about guys doing work for free.
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    Anyone know where to find a decent exmark lazer for sale (52" or possibly a 60") ? Everything I find on Craigslist is junk or people want way to much for it.
  6. JCLawn and more

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    The excuse is crap but if they pay with no complaints then go for it!
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  7. Superior L & L

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    Talk to justin at lighting. I think he has some for sale
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  8. TGS. Inc.

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    Hey guys, looking at a decent sized lawn company and wondering if you may have some general figures for what people are paying for accounts. I haven't done something like this in many years so I wanted to see where things are at...Again this is just for the mowing accounts (no equipment)

    Any thoughts or comments are welcomed!! Thanks.

  9. Lightningllc

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    Depends on income, location, how tight the route is, quantity of lawns, possible extra work, Commerical, residential. ?????

    You can throw all kinds of numbers but the accounts have to be priced right and have good margins to make it worth while.

    A buddy of mine bought 50 resi accts for $500 a piece and they were way underpriced so moral of story they have to be worth something to put a price on them.
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  10. Superior L & L

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    $500 a piece !!!! WOW. Up here they used to go for the price of 3-4 cuts. That was a straight up cash and run deal. I'd want way more than that personally. When you think about what you have into marketing, estimating and retaining your customers.
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