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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. P.Services

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    I saw the two big ones out in full force yesterday, t-3000 running right thru water 2" deep and spreading.

    I really cant believe them.
  2. P.Services

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    But its not really up to you...... its up to the branch or corprate to dictate what and when its getting put down.

    Can you explain why your tru-green co workers were out close to a month ago all ready putting down the first app? over snow and across the standing water? in case they didnt know the ground is still frozen?

    We dont doubt you can do good work, its the company in general that forces you guys to to shaddy work.
  3. dmcclelland41

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    Lawns4life would like to discuss the possibilities of more accounts and to explain our company IPM and profile. This could work because I get asked alot on recommending a company for cutting. Call or text 8103584614 for more contact info
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  4. alpine627

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    Unthinkable to start throwing Fert./pre before April. Looking at night time

    temps at or below freezing dictates. Truth be told it is the ground temp.

    that lets us know when to apply, there are sites that monitor this. I follow

    the GDDTracker. Growing Degree days is what everyone should follow.
  5. greenstar lawn

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    Yep I agree about tg. They started 2 weeks ago on my side of town but yet the ground is still frozen. Lots of my customers are switching from tg to a local company that I started working with. Night and day difference and 2 less apps.
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  6. Cody S

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    Hi all, I'm what you would call a newbie here. Second year in business, hope for many, many more. I have a question. I know where to take all my brush, but do you know of anywhere that takes leaves and/or grass clippings in south eastern Michigan? Closer to Livonia the better. I have checked the Livonia Refuse site and says it does not accept yard waste. I've been searching but can't find any answers for commercial LCO's. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  7. KG26

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    I've heard LCO's say that they can do what True does with water a seed, and for a fraction of the cost.
  8. P.Services

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    Its all about the dollar signs !
  9. bln

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    Cody s. Veolia at 6 mile and Napier.
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  10. Cody S

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    Thanks a lot Ill have to give them a call.
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