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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

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    when you run a business it is always wise to have everything set up so she doesnt ruin you.
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  2. Lightningllc

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    Mark. It's because your wife is involved in your business. Now I'm far from being the perfect husband but I have noticed than landscape businesses that have the wives very involved have a very healthily marriage but the ones that are not involved normally do wind up in divorce.
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  3. terrapro

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    Now I never said any of that Mark. You are relating your experience and I am obviously relating mine. I never said anything was definite for everyone, just analyzing his situation. It has nothing to do with yours.

    I never said success means working 24/7 for everyone but maybe it does for him and it doesn't for her. If it already doesn't work now it will not get better if you mix in a house and a few kids.

    I also never said divorce is guaranteed for business owners. But the chances are much higher when you are already not happy before you get married.

    Sacrificing your happiness is not a way to lead your life for either person in a relationship. We as business owners are typically very passionate about our work, that's what separates us from the employee type of person. For the majority of us it is literally our life, we eat breath sleep and **** it. Point being this makes us happy and if your significant other is forcing you to give up your happiness for hers that is not good.

    Marriages are not built around sacrifice they are built around compromise, love, and understanding. Some people just do not work together no matter how hard they try.

    Saying any marriage can work as long as you try IS such utter BS it isn't even funny. It is really scary to admit it to yourself when the time comes. Hopefully you never have to.

    I am happy for you Mark, it sounds like you have a good woman. And any other of you guys that made it work. Some of us are not so lucky.
  4. Sharpcut 1

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    Lots of valid points here both sides. As Justin said, the mariages that have the wife involved seem to do better. I believe this is because the other half can see what's involved running/owning your own business. You can tell them till you're blue in the face, but until they can experience the deadlines or see that you just can't walk away at a certain hour when things still need to be done, they will never understand. Unfortunately, that makes us the "bad" guys.
  5. Lightningllc

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    I know my wife does not understand what is involved in my day. But it's part of owning a business
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  6. Outdoors_Unlimited

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    I wish I could get her involved, as her college degree is seeming a worthless waste of money. But I just can't get her to become involved. I tried this spring when she was jobless, but she got disappointed feeling, as she wasn't seeing the results because it was to early in the season. But now those efforts she helped me with this spring have helped me double my lawn routes, and I have too many landscape jobs to even see the end of the tunnel.

    We have been together ten years now, and do have kids......so basically I'm already married. Today I was able to spoil her better than I've been able to before, and just kept reminding her it was because I've been doing 80 hour weeks.
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  7. brian12281

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    Sub needed: I need a sub for 11 accounts.

    2 in Eastpointe near 9 and Gratiot.

    1 at Masonic and Gratiot.

    1 at Common and Utica.

    1 at 14 and Harper

    1 at 16 and Crocker

    3 at 22 and Heydereich

    1 at 21 and Schoenherr

    1 at Canal and Schoenherr.

    All about 5 hours of work with 2 guys.
    I'd prefer to sub this out to one reputable company.
    Looking to get these started Monday May 20th.
    Pm me if you're interested or more info. Thanks!
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  8. Metro Lawn

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    Have the exact machine with a bull rider type sulky Was around 900 hours the last time I looked a few weeks back. Let me know.
  9. Metro Lawn

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    Does anyone know of a supplier that carries Pennsylvania Blue flagstone that is not cut in squares in this area?
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  10. Grassmechanic

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    Did you try Turchi Cut Stone in Fraser? They had some a while back.

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