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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. reliablelawn

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    Where are you going to school? I will be a sophomore at MSU. I have 80 clients in the Royal Oak area, but made my schedule so I can work Tuesday, Thursday-SUnday, although I wont be able to keep this up as I continue to grow. I'd love to hear how you also cope with work and school.
  2. puffyhead929

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    Ill be a senior at MSU. Being in the business school they only have one or two sections of certain classes so my schedule isn't as free this year and being a senior I don't want to spend my first semester driving back and forth three times a week as I have been the last two years.
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    Unfortunately for me the business paid for school. Without the business no school. Eventually it was, grow the business, or school. Without the business I didn't have any money for school so it became purchase more equipment and be more efficient, or limp along at school. I bought some equipment. It is ironic though, now I pay people to work and they use the money to pay for school. Maybe someday I can go back. I don't know. If you can afford to go to school, do it full time, and get it done quicker while also enjoy being a student. That's the way to go. Just don't get trapped in your business you want to try to be on top of it.
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    I was lucky enough to have a schedule now with Tuesday off and 8 am's Thursday and Friday. It's definitely tricky situations for us. Hope all goes well. And congrats- I'll be a sophomore finance major
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    I know it is seem early but I am already thinking about fall clean up. We bought a dump trailer this year and not sure how I should set it up with the leaf loader. Does anybody have any good systems, ideas, or tips on what not to do?
    Thanks in advance
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    If you are in the market for a leaf loader I have a couple Billy Goat 16 HP units I may sell since we don't use them any longer.

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    How much for one of your leaf vacs John? U work in Lexington? I have a cottage at apple gate road 5 ,lies north of Lexington on the water. U guys must have a huge service area
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    Hey guys if your in the market for trailers take a look at this, they are only a couple miles from my house and I know trailers are a bit harder to come by in Michigan http://www.trailersalesofmichigan.com/utility_trailers.php, they make them right here. I've had mine for 2 years now and abused the crap out of it.
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    Hello Guys, busy year here even with all the rain. Looking for someone to Install a 12-16 foot Norway Spruce.

    Can anyone Help out or know of someone. Installede by a Loader or treespade, doesnt matter. Contact me 2483903182 Kevin

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