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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Smithers

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    i got another call from Rochester last night (from my ad in the paper) about weeekly lawn cutting.

    damn rochester!! how come it can't be Livonia???

    if anyone wants to give it a shot (the woman was really nice) let me know.
  2. nocutting

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    Hello all, I work mostly in NY, Downstate .........But also live close to Armada / Richmond, & was getting ready tp ply my trade there as well?.....I broker Organic Fertilizers, Natural Animal care programs for Horses, Dogs, Cats, Bovine & alpakcas?......Do ya think theres a call for it in your area?....any thoughts would be appreciated.......Thanks Saxon :)
  3. Groundcover Solutions

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    Well I got a call from another blower company today. Apparently his truck went down and he needs help desperatly... Dont we all. So looks like my slow season will be held off a little while longer. We also pretty much landed a contract with a large school district to put down around 700 yards of playground material before the end of june. Things are going to be crazy around hear while we try and get all of that done as well as wrap up on our other large clients... But I would say our quility of work and effeciancy have improve almost 70% this year. It is funny, every where I go I look at the mulch jobs people are doing and I start nitpicking it all... Oh that edge is not clean enfough or they forgot to clean off the plants or sidewalks. Well I am off to bed hope every one continues having good seasons!

    RKISTNER1 LawnSite Member
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    Got wacked here in oakland county sunday by storm. Most LCO'S on my street are picking up debris for the price of a cut. I thought debris removal was EXTRA $$$$. I'm a homeowner and i understand that.
  5. Jason Pallas

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    NoCutting - We live in the Armada / Romeo area and are 4H leaders/volunteers with lots of farm animals. What is exactly is your all natural horse program about?
  6. Groundcover Solutions

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    Well I got worked over by that storm on saturday I could not get anything done that I was planning on!!!!!! Oh well it happens.
  7. RedWingsDet

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    storm? what storm... man we havent had anything for a while over here, we need some rain too.
  8. MOOSE

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    Well It's been awhile since I 've been on too. So hows it going guys. I'm busy, busy, busy. Tired, Tired, Tired!!!!!!
    In another week or two I can actually take a weekend off. Seems like everyweek somebody asks for work to be done. Thats good but I need a break. I hope everyone else is staying busy too.

    I wanna let everyone know my final count on new clients from the flyers also. 27 is what I picked up this year. I picked up 2 a couple weeks ago.

    Well Good Luck.

    Ryan, You out there. Let me know about that Hustler.
  9. Smithers

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    a small landscape project on Farmington Road.

    Before Pic

  10. Smithers

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