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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. macomb-lawn

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    We need to all take these signs when we see them. We do. We won't touch any signs that are normal advertising. Just the ones that say "Lawn's cut for $10.00" I see those and they go in the back of my truck and then in the dumpster.

    WHORES ! Stay on the other side of 8 mile with that crap.

  2. Smithers

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    on the way to work every day i see a huge spray painted sign that says $13 or $15 (can't remember the exact price) for a cut propped up by a tree...either one. makes me laugh. morons
  3. Axl

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    Five star and everyone else, where do you get the decals/lettering for your trucks/trailers? What does it run?
  4. amw

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    I could help you with that, send me an email (sales@amw-graphics.com) and let me know what you are looking for and i can get you a price.
  5. OutdoorExtras

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    I just finished building this trailer last week and had intentions of using it for my landscaping business. I've decided to go another way with the business so the trailer is for sale. The frame is built with very heavy angle iron, and the rest is made of tube steel. The sides are 4 feet tall which should allow it to carry 7 yards of mulch when fully loaded. It has brand new bearings, a new receiver, new spring shackles, new U bolts and new wiring with LED lights. The tires, axle, springs and rims (sandblasted and painted) are off a used trailer. All the wood is pressure treated and it has 3/4 inch sides and 2X8's on the floor and the front. I painted everything with rustolem primer (two coats) and rustolem Hunter Green Gloss (Two coats). The front also has built in racks for rakes, tools, etc. I am asking $2000.00, I am also considering offers. Please email JohnZofchak at yahoo dot com with any questions. John.

  6. bigjeeping

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    I might be missing something but...... $2000? That sounds PRETTY STEEP seeing that I just bought a brand new trailer 6x12, lights, ramp, new wheels/tires for only $900.
  7. OutdoorExtras

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    I spent more than $900.00 just buying the materials for this thing and 30 hours building it:) So it's not for someone who is looking for a regular light duty utility trailer, but it will last much longer. The fenders are made of 1/4" steel plate.:weightlifter:
  8. Smithers

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    ryan i used tony (amw) before and he does great work. he is very busy, but always finds time for me. i get compliments on my signs all the time.
  9. Metro Lawn

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    I don't like the idea of these signs either. If they are placed somewhere with permission, it is considered theft to take them. I removed a sign off my office lawn for someone selling new houses. I didn't know the owner of the building let him put it there. St. Clair Shores detective called me and said if I didn't replace it, I would be charged with theft. I think it is childish to take another company's sign, flyer, ect. I never felt they were much of a threat anyways. All it does is promote more of the same type action. I spend decent money for lawn signs to put on jobs while being done. If every moron that had his sign stolen decides to get back at someone for his loss, then my signs would start disappearing. If you run a decent business and take care of your customers, you will have more than enough work to be worrying about what everyone else is doing. Run your business and don't worry about the others.
  10. Metro Lawn

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    btw Anyone have a Hypro D50 pump they want to get rid of?

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