Michigan LCO's

Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Eclipse

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    Actually this is not entirely accurate.

    You can still get licensed but it may be a "probationary" license until you have it for 2 years, or meet one of the other requirements. This came from the local inspector who was also the test administrator.
  2. lawnboy

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    Yeh the best way is to talk with the local inspector. He will lead you in the right way. Depending your your experience with lawns there are other ways. I wrote this a few pages back, but illegal use of chemicals is actually "experience." I had to write the state about my background and blah blah, and it took about 4 months or so, but the truth being told all they want is everyone to be legal and pay the money. It is not easy though.
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    where do u go about taking the test and getting the info for the test on it?
  4. Smithers

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    how do you get a hold of your local inspector?
  5. lawnboy

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    call the extension office.
  6. stuffdeer

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    Ok Guys,

    Seeming so, This is called Michigan LCO's, So I thought, I would ask, Is anyone on here, located in or around Southgate, Michigan?
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    So... which one of you flipped your truck and trailer into the ditch on 23 mile and North Ave? :laugh: I couldn't see who it was (cause your truck and trailer were on their sides in a 8 ft. deep ditch) but common now, fess up. We all make mistakes :laugh: :drinkup:

    Also, got a new Bobcat Attachment today. It's a "Landscape Rake" as seen below, and let me say it is AWESOME. No need to ever hand grade again. Seriously. This thing is just sick. It not only picks up rocks and such, but it tills the ground and leaves a real fine (like beach sand) finish, and at the same time it levels the grade. The thing is just disghusting. Definetly worth every penny. It'll cut grade jobs down to a hour, literally. It also tears out sod and such. It scoops it into the bucket so you can dump it. It uses the aux. hydraulic controls. If anyone wants to play with it or see it in action, let me know. If you wanna try it and have your own loader, you need a S300 or S200 with aux. controls on the joysticks and I'll let you play with it for a day. :drinkup:


  8. bigjeeping

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    wish I could hook that thing on my lazer!
  9. Tscape

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    Zach, How's business going? I got that Saline job on Bicentennial and the Dexter one on Ulrich. Let me know if those lawns need anything extra.
  10. bigjeeping

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    ahh it's great.. we're mowing 100 resis/week. I'm probably doing more work than I should be doing with small landscaping on the weekends, but it's always worth it in the end payup Are you staying busy? I wish I could have sent more biz your way but most of my resis that fert have tru-green! :hammerhead:

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