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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. grant087

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    idk that seems quite cheap for such a small area, does anyone else agree?.....is that with old sod removal?
  2. Mower For Less

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    Right now FedEx is quoting $79 - $105 (depending on package dimensions I dont have yet). R&L was $126.75. UPS was even higher yet. So far FedEx is surprisingly in the lead by a significant margin. FYI.

  3. DodgeTruckMan731

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    try DHL, just to see how they run
  4. Jason Pallas

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    In defense of All Seasons - they did a great job on a repair I had. It was quick and very reasonably priced. I do almost all of our mechanic work myself ( and that's a lot). However, I ran into a problem that I didn't have the time to fix. I brought it in on Friday afternoon - I had the rider back on Monday afternoon (bearing seized on a PTO and froze the whole engine as if it was seized).
    I don't do a ton of business with All Seasons - because I buy a lot of used stuff. However, I do get a fair amount of parts from them and did buy a new Exmark WB from them a couple of years back. My point is, there are a lot of other people that spend $$$ with them and I expected to be pushed to the back of the repair line (understandably). I have friends that constantly have equipment in All Seasons for repair. Ernie treated me like I was his most important customer and got that machine back to me ASAP. To me, that says a lot.
    Jeff is a "parts" god. The guy is the best resource for parts info. I've found his info to be invaluable a number of times. Those guys will continue to get my business for a long time to come. I used to be really tight with Jeff and John at Frolunds. I learned a ton from their mechanics Pat, Howard and Tiny.... and even remember Dan from when old man Frolund owned the place. When Frolunds closed, a huge void was created. All Seasons has filled that void in a lot of ways, which is a big testament to their business.
  5. Metro Lawn

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    Orion Stone

    Where in Ohio and how much weight
  6. Metro Lawn

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    I guess it is different with everyone. I think they were mad when I quit buying Exmark Lazers and went to Hustler Super Zs even though at that time I would go out of my way to go to the guys in Utica (W) lol They burned me too many times and I will do anything I can not to spend a dollar there. We are working on opening a mower shop in Harrison Twp. or close by, and I would not treat customers the way they treated me.

    One note on Frolunds, I miss them guys too. Bought my first Scag hydro from them back in 91...
  7. scraper69

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    South of Cleveland, and about half skid of brick. 250 pavers.
  8. scraper69

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    WAY too cheap! Try to triple that number Rich
  9. Metro Lawn

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    Can you get me a delivery zip code? My brother works for FedEx Freight and they give him a 50% discount. Any idea of the weight?
  10. Tscape

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    Anyone interested in a 99 F350 5.4 with 150,000? I am trading it in tomorrow. $8000 takes it if I hear from you by 9AM.


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