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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

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    Like I said 1000 times, we're moving. We are moved into the new building, but we have some serious problems to deal with. First off, our entire phone system is down. It's screwed up, and the phones don't work. We have to wait on the phone place to finish working on it. We don't have a regular phone system. We have a full PBX system so we are unable to recieve calls. Everything either goes right to voicemail, or it doesn't even ring and you get a busy signal. This is why nobody can get ahold of us. It's also our first priority right now.
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    I couldn't get anyone on labor day to help me. In the mean time, we are moving and things are all screwed up. Keep in mind that this thing weighs 1000 pounds and it's not the easiest thing to move around. Plus, I tried 100 different ways to move it around myself and it's nearly impossible.
    As far as $1200 cash, read the first post I made when I said it was for sale. I said the FIRST $1,000 CASH TAKES IT didn't I? I don't mind taking a check, but then I gotta figure out how to justify the deposit for the books. That's why I originally said cash.

    Look, if you still want it, I will make arrangements to get it to you. But, right now, I have some pretty serious issues to deal with.
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    Kevin, you were there, you saw it in the trailer, your trailer didn't fit, and I couldn't get it out the next day because the trailer was locked and nobody knows where the keys went. I think they cut the locks off the trailer today because the keys are MIA and got misplaced during the move.

    Also, keep in mind that I was willing to let you "test drive" the machine for a while. Not around our shop, but around your route or wherever you wanted to. Then, what did I say? I told you you could take it, and if you wanted to buy it, mail me a check or something. Did I not? My apologies for making your guy wait. I didn't expect to have to have a easter egg hunt for the keys to unlock the trailer. If you still want the machine, you still have dibs. I'm easy to work with as long as there aren't surrounding issues that take priority.
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    Yes, I would still like to pick the machine up and continue with our original arrangement. You have to understand my frustration of not being able to accomplish something as simple as picking up a mower, however. And then Friday I called and talked to that other guy at your shop, told him who I was, and that I was trying to pick up the mower. He said he would call me back, and never did. Then I left a voicemail on your cell phone Tuesday, and you never called back either. If you can just leave the mower off the trailer, and let me know for sure that it is in your shop and there will be no problems comming to get it, I will pick it up. I just do not want to waste half a day with another repeat of last week. I am already backed up this week from losing my helper, and will most likely be working Sat & Sunday as a result.

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    I'll get it all arranged and give you a call. The other guy is just a field guy and he can't do anything.
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    I understand you are busy. But if that is the case just say it when we are talking mano a mano. The number one rule I try to follow in business, and in life, is "under-promise and over-deliver." It keeps people happy every time. I seriously am thinking I got talked into buying an engine hoist for nothing. You can see how I might think that can't you? That being said, I will take it for the agreed upon price. Please call me as soon as you can and we can do this thing. If you want cash at that point that is fine too since it is the work week now.
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    I can't wait to get home at night to see what happens next on "As the Michigan LCO's Turn." The is the best priced entertainment out there!!
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    Hey guys, just thought I would pop in and see what I missed while I was on vacation. Not much I see...lol Hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Look what I found while camping... amazing what a few beers and Jell-o shots can turn into... carry on!!!!
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    wah, that's a priceless look on your face
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    how true, first thread I go too:)

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