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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

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    Here is a pic of the sled after I repaired it. I stiched the rip in the seat with needle and threat, then siliconed over it with clear silicone. I put a new windsheild on it, and adjusted the handlebars, buffed out all of the tree marks, and straighted the tunnel very creatively by using tie downs and come along winch's on my open landscape trailer to pull it back out. Overall the repair came out pretty well. I rode it one more season, where I just missed taking a deer out at 80 MPH by less then 2 inches. I figured I shouldnt be riding sleds after that and sold it.

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    Here's a pic of leota trail, I just got my sportsman 600 day before xmas. My sis-in-law, wife, and I went for a ride christmas day 2003, I put 13 miles on it. We have a place up in strongs mich. just like riding on the country roads here, we even ride right in town up there.:)
    Mines the yellow one, wifes is to the right, a sp 400. Sister in law has a sp500. My brother has a sp700

    X-mas Day Leota ride, 2003 001.jpg
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    here's where we took a break, probably close to where your pic is at.

    X-mas Day Leota ride, 2003 014.jpg
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    Well, we moved from our old building to a new one. But, I had a baby so that's tied me up quite a bit, then the baby got sick and I've been at the hospital ever since. We're still busy though and since I spend every night sleeping in a hospital I don't get a chance to get on here anymore. I'm usually in the office just long enough to get my voicemail and take care of bills and such.
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    Really.. go to the Walmart on 23 mile and look at the new Cat 950F with our logo on the side sitting there waiting for snow. Or, you could go to Meijer across from the Tech Center and see 3 Bobcat S300's that have our logo on them. Want me to keep going? Machines are there now, get in the car and see for yourself.....

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    Macomb-Why do you come back here all the time when everyone just rips on you? Do you ever tire of the relentless ridicule?

    Just curious, Jeff
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    Great.... here we go with the bragging, patting ourselves on the back and
    s*cking our own d*cks portion of the thread. I thought that was dead..... and it was just getting back to normal. OK. OK let me here how great you are again. Once more for the cheap seats.
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    What about that spreader?!?
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    I was sopossed to buy a spreader too. Between me and another guy I know, we want to buy all the ones you have.
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    How the hell did you have a Baby:confused: :confused:

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