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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Lawnsmithcare

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    Well you see it is hard for me to do that because since I am only 15 no one wants to work for me but what I was thininh is that I would pay per hour for my customer yards for the person who want to help me and they pay me per hour for there yards so in a way it is like sub contracting just we would be working together.

    Let me know if you are interested or if anyone has a better plan.
  2. grant087

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    uh oh fox 2 is on rizzo once again....
  3. Jason Pallas

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    Yeah I see. Looks like they're trying to tie them to Kwame's campaign contributions.
  4. Jason Pallas

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    OUCH! That Rizzo story was nasty and it doesn't look like it's gonna go away soon. That Scott Lewis is a bulldog and I don't think he's gonna let this one go anytime soon.
  5. grant087

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    i agree, i think they might be a little pissed off about the testimonial on rizzo's page still
  6. proficient landscape

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    Seems to me Fox2 has it in for Rizzo! I can understand them questioning some things! but seriously it just looks like Fox 2 is "digging" for dirt.. Im sure there are a handful of companies that is alot shadier than Rizzo!
  7. Jason Pallas

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    I wouldn't be so quick to jump all over FOX2. After all, the Feds / US attorney's office thought there was enough there to throw it to a Grand Jury. That's all I'm gonna say.
  8. NewImageLawn&Landscape

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    You know this may sound a little off but, I have always thought that with the investigations that 2,4,&7 do, I am really suprised that nobody has gotten really hurt or worse from sticking their nose in some of these companies business. Just a thought, I am sure it will happen sooner or later.
  9. alternative

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    This is one of our great constitutional rights - Freedom of Press. :usflag:
  10. Tscape

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    Tell that to Mafioso.

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