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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

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    i got a gravely pro 150 36'' belt drive 12.5 kawasaki very good condition for sale. asking $1200 if interested let me know.
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    No Gravely. I prefer Scag or Bobcat.
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    Jason, I have only seen the machine once. They use it on a crew that runs out of Mt. Clemens. I think it is an older unit with a fixed deck. They say it cuts very nice though.
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    Anyone have any interest in a Mikusa plate compactor/power tamper for doing paver work, etc....? Its got a 5hp Wisconsin Robin on it. Clearing out the shop.
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    How much are you asking for the Mikasa? If it's okay with you Michigan guys, I'm gonna consider you to be "people from my area", since no one in Southwestern Ontario seems to want to talk. I'll just keep converting all your conversations to Canadian dollars.
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    I'm planning on selling my business this comeing 2007 season. The business is VERY successful and the only reason I'm selling is because I'm going pro playing poker. It is located in Clarkston. It consists of about 60 residential accounts at an avg of $33/account. The route is TIGHT. 35 of the accounts are in 1 neighborhood. Me and 1 other guy would do the weekly route in 3 days.. Wed., Thurs., Fri.

    I believe I've built one of the best lawn companies around. I stayed somewhat small (1 crew) as to keep it simple and minimize headaches, and keep overhead low and profits high. I was able to buy my first home at the age of 21 from this company.

    My equipment is

    60" exmark lazer 1800 hrs with Ultravac QDS

    Older 48 " ferris walkbehind (use it only on a couple tight spots.. rider gets the rest)

    6X12 open landscape trailer

    2 redmax 7001 blowers

    1 billy goat aerator

    1 shindaiwa T272 trimmer

    1 redmax trimmer.. can't remember the model but I always buy the best.

    Also have registered version of Groundskeeper pro with all the addresses and routes inputed for easy billing and organization.

    I am willing to split the accounts from the equipment. I have been doing many of these accounts for 5+ years and they are very happy with my service, so I'm sure if you can provide quality realiable work you will have no problem keeping the existing accounts, and expanding if you want to, as I started to turn down lots of business.

    I billed monthly and the totals were always between 8-10k depending on any sidework such as mulch, aeration, clean-ups.

    My price for take-all is $25k. I am willing to negotiate on certain things. if interested.. PM me.
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    Leaf - looking to get about $400 -450 for it. I got it at auction for about that and have only used it 2 or 3 times. Works great..... but it's just talking up space because we don't really do that much paver work.
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    On ebay..Large Light Bar
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