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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

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    True to a point. Just as you and I would look at a very nice house and think that they can afford to pay there bills or at least have the money to pay them. Then you go and do an estimate at a run down house and wonder if they will pay you or not.

    We dont care if they pay the ticket or not...No Pay = future warrant = future arrest.

    I myself like to pull over people/companies and let them know and give them a chance to correct the problem(s). I also have a time limit I give them to correct the problem. This still does not give them the right to run around in violation. It gives them time with ME, not what the law says. Of course there are certain things that will place you out of service and I have no control over that.
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    Sinsere, what's your company name and what areas do you operate in?
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    Good I hopefully ( if nothing comes up) be at the next one then !!!
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    Yeah cause they know we will have to pay so we can stay in business, unlike the others where chances are it's just side money anyway and not there livelyhood.
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    That tax business really gets under my skin. Not that 2% is huge, but its the principle of the matter. Didnt politicians ever take an economics class. I mean of all the things they can think of doing when our MI economy is sucking, they decide to tax people more. Makes no sense to me. Laissez Faire is what we need, not more taxes.
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    Hey Metro I was wondering if you could give me some info.I am starting a lawn service this year and im about to go down to the wayne county clerks office to register my buisness name.I know this is only $23 but should I get a tax ID imedeately or what.And I was also considering registering buisness as a sole propriotership or should I register a LLC OR INC.If you could give me some insight I would greatly appreciate it.Thanks!
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    Hey guys, anyone know of any good exmark or mower mechanics that dont charge an extreme amount of money. I need to get my stuff ready for spring.
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    i'll tell you where the 2% will be a pain is in service business like my winter job running a ice rink. Every person that comes in is a even 3 dollars, now it will be 3.06. What a pain in the butt.
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    I am interested in getting a bid from some of you guys on the east side. It is for cutting and aerating 10 acres. PM me for details.

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