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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Mower For Less

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    My understanding of the law is that ANY product applied to control a weed or pest, regardless of its intended labeling, would be considered a pesticide. This would mean if you are applying corn gluten meal with the intention of controlling weeds, you are using it as a pesticide, and therefore should be licensed to do so. The same goes for home brews and Jerry Baker remedy's. I recall looking into this a year or two ago, and thought I remembered that to be the case. I could be wrong, but I would look into it further for more clarification.
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    Yes. this is true. We went all through all this "organic" thing before. Even if you use vinegar to kill a weed, it is a pesticide. You cannot even poor boiling water over an ant hill. as gar as many of the "Jerry baker" remedies,...besides not working (snake oil remedies), the are also illegal to be sprayed on others' properties.
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    i dont want this to turn into an organics versus non discussion even though i know first hand it all works from the CGM to the vinegar to the bloodmeal...:) anyway i was just needed a quick answer. i will let you all know what the MDA replies with
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    Runner and Mower are right. Are you talking about organic fertilizer, or organic pesticides? Be sure you are clear with MDA, because they may answer a different question than you are asking. Metro, thanks for the heads up on the plates. FWIW here's a great thread about Michigan truck laws. It's worth everyone's time to read throguh the whole thing (I know it's long), it'll save you money and headaches.

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    organic fert only no -icides

    on a different topic does anyone remember what they classified themselves as under "business category" when they applied for their sales tax license. when we applied for it years ago with my old business i remember being confused about what we were classified as.
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    landscape or lawn services
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    i must clarify this is the e-form version which does not give an option for lawn or landscape
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    does anyone know of a flyer distribution company that is around here that will pass out flyers to residential house.

    we need to kick of our marketing campain.
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    Hmm...did anyone see the 50 degree weather next week?
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    Wow. I was hoping for atleast one or two 3-4inchers before this season was over.

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