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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

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    exactly if you get the $$$ good for you, it only helps us in the long run. the only thing that really hurts us is the lowballers. a free market also comes with free thought which brings new ideas into our line of work which in turn also increases revenue. smart people are definately welcome in this arena, keep them coming
  2. Mower For Less

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    Dont get me wrong, like I said I understand how the market controls maximum price, but there are high and low ends to the scale, not just one set average.

    The problem, which maybe I wasnt too clear on, is that people with no idea as to what there costs are get into this business, dont know what to bid, and go along a pricing guideline of "I'll do it for the same price as the other guy" or worse "I"ll do it for less than the other guy". This brings the low end of the scale way down, and disproportionately so.

    If they can actually do the job for X amount and make a profit, then that is great, and not the scenario I am talking about. But the scenario I was trying to outline were the people that bid the job for X, but dont know why, and then lose money on it while they do it.

    And my second point was dont be afraid to push the market value back up. Charge more if you can get it, and aim for the high end of the scale, not the low end.

    And lastly, KNOW YOUR COSTS.

  3. Five Star Lawn Care LLC

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    nicely said...thats what i was trying to say

    when i said "if your market will only let you charge 22 then thats what you can charge"....i was reffering to the market max

    everyones overhead is different....everyones production levels are different...and everyones potential clients our different

    if you can get 10 residentials in a row by charging $17.00 per cut and you can finish them in 2 hours with 2 guys thats still $42.50 a man hour...not to bad....if you would have bid $20.00 a cut you probably wouldnt have got them...or at least all of them

    there are so may variables that effect pricing....to be a good estimator you have to take everything into account and figure out what prices will be.

    for instance we went into a condo complex that had 18 units and it sits on a little less that 4 acres of property...i bid a little low (or so i thought at the time) b/c at the time i was hurting ...$125 got me in then we got the complex nextdoor...small little $35.00 a cut....well to make a long story short it takes 3 guys 45-50 minutes to cut both complexs and it is now one of our highest profit margines on the route....

    i learned a lot about bidding by trial and error...your going to screw up on bids, your going to price some a little low and some probably twice as high as they should be....you just have to live and learn
  4. Smithers

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    Commerce area lawn cutting available for refering.

    PM me if interested.
  5. Five Star Lawn Care LLC

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    a little confusing....you have a job out there that you want to give to someone?....or your looking for jobs out there?
  6. Smithers

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    you are right. i was in a hurry. :sleeping:

    I have an ex customer that wants someone to cut her lawn. she moved there recently.

    it's close to Milford.
  7. MStine315

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    Give the Lawnsiters a chance at this first, but if you don't get a response, I spray for a guy in Milford who does nice work. PM me if you don't get anyone else. Thanks
  8. Mower For Less

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    I have a customer I did an overseed for last fall for her front yard, and now she called me and wants to do something for her back yard. It is mostly flooded. By my estimation it will require filling with a substantial amount of topsoil, regrading, reseeding, and installation of some drains in the rear of the yard to eliminate the standing water. This is a larger project than I care to take on at this point, so I am willing pass this refferal on to someone qualified to do the job. It is located at the 11 & Schoenherr area in Warren.

    No prices were quoted, I am not subcontracting this, it is a clean refferal, your business will do the work and bill for it.

    PM me or email me if you are interested.

  9. stuffdeer

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    Anyone going to the MGIA show on Tuesday?
    I'll be there around 4:00.

    If so, could you PM me your cell number, So we could meet each other?
  10. Mowerboy04

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    i'm going tuesday, anyone else? also i don't know if u guys remember or not but i was looking at a desil exmark. well the deal fell through and i'm not getting the mower so i'm still looking for a 60" ztr, i prefer exmark,scag,bob-cat. if anyone has anything let me know

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