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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Five Star Lawn Care LLC

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    last year my 99 c-6500s ran me about $1130.00 each for the year

    my 04 2500 was $1490

    my 03 2500 was $1224

    my my 06 trailblazer was $1200

    sorry had my binder out and figured i would give ya all the prices
  2. grant087

    grant087 LawnSite Member
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    $1050.00 to $1150.00 on our 4 f250s-f450s there all 04 or newer
  3. Runner

    Runner LawnSite Fanatic
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    Is that insurance on your '03 and '04 full coverage commercial? I am paying about $1800 on a '77 Chev. 1 ton that only gets driven on nice days - stored in the winter, and an '89 Chev. 3/4 ton 4 whl.. This coverage basically covers NOTHING. It is a bare minimal, plain jane policy. If I can get a better deal, I am all for it. I am through Auto Owner's Insurance, currently. Any info is gratefully appreciated.
  4. smarino21

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    I was wondering has anyone ever advertised say mid to late may ? I was thinking you could get some people to come on board after there junk company can handle the fast growing grass? Other then that when is the best time to put ad's out?
  5. Smithers

    Smithers LawnSite Silver Member
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    eric, you keep your information in a binder?

    how much is the insurance for a lexus SUV, a Hummer H2 and a boat? Cause that's what i am thinking of buying as a business expense this year.

  6. alternative

    alternative LawnSite Senior Member
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    had it for about 2 years. thanks
  7. Mower For Less

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    I usually run my ads till late May, theres always a few stragglers that you can pick up later into the season for one reason or another. It's not uncommon to pickup accounts in May that havent even had their 1st cut yet (note: extra $$$). I do stop by June though, it seems like June and July are the best times to pick up dead beats for some reason... I think thats around the time there current LCO stops there service for lack of payment and they need to find a new guy. I have picked up legitimate customers in June and July before, but typically its not worth the return on the advertising $ spent. I start back up again in August for the fall services.

  8. Mower For Less

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    What, no Escalade? :laugh:
  9. BSME

    BSME LawnSite Senior Member
    from Midwest
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    Anyone know about those intersection signs I see in Oakland County?

    "Single? bloomfieldsingles.com" or something like that.... how legal are those?

    can I just throw up 1,000 little yard signs at all the intersections around town?
  10. amw

    amw LawnSite Senior Member
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    I guess since we make signs i could answer this.
    The easy answer is...it depends who owns the property its going on.
    If you have the owners permision then you can, if not then no.

    Hope this help.

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