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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. d&rlawncare

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    Thank you for the information
  2. Five Star Lawn Care LLC

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    its happening all over the place for me.....Michigan is headed for a dark year

    people are going to have there pocket book locked in a safe this year..including commercial accounts

    i just had my largest client tell me that most likely anything beyond the contract will not get approved this year....its going to be a tough year to up-sell for anything

  3. grant087

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    i somewhat disagree i have gotten less calls than i usually do but i have tended to be a 3-8 dollars a week higher but im still getting business, i guess its all about how you sell your business

    also anyone that cuts in flatrock and royal oak send me a pm i got some leads for you guys both mowing and minor maintenance jobs
  4. Five Star Lawn Care LLC

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    thats awesome...but the fact still remains that michigans economy is headed for one of the worst years in a long time...

    we are selling a lot of fert jobs and upselling our current clients this year b/c thats where the money is.

    we have been spinning our wheels in the lawn mowing side of this business for years and im finally done with it....we have lost one managment company and are about to lose another one b/c of pricing....one company that i have worked for the last 6 years got a bid 25% lower than mine this year...they want me to move on my price but i refuse to...i profide a high quality service for a resonable price.

    im ussually boasting that my i dont have to compete with the lowballers b/c of my loyal client base....but now with the economy the way it is even the loayalist of customers is thinking twice about going with the cheap guy even if they know there going to sacrifice quality
  5. grant087

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    i have 8 leads for the waterford area and 1 for the clarkston area pm me if you want the lawn accounts
  6. grant087

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    anyone know of a 16' skidsteer trailer for sale condition does not matter, must be 10k-14k lbs trailer

    Grant Dryovage
  7. Grass-Masters

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    Hey marino your signs look nice, did you really want me to see them that bad to put 4 on my corner. lol But Good luck hope they work better than C&G did for ya.
  8. Runner

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    Hey everybody, I'm looking for an Ultravac for a full size lazer, if anyone happens to come across one.
  9. amar

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    Wolverine Rental Ann Arbor has a few 734 665 3223 around $1700.00
    They are rusty but heavy duty ask for Bob if you call
  10. gwalk70

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    Please get ahold of me. I can not PM you. I am located in Waterford.

    Lawns -n- More

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