Michigan Low Ballers

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by lazerslicer05, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. lazerslicer05

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    Man i'm in my fourth year of business and this year is my hardest for picking up new customers. Last year i had about 55 accts i did my self so i was pretty much happy making good money and such but this year i wanted to add 10 - 15 new ones but man has it been hard i am staying strict with my pricing seeing is i had enough work last year, but i was wondering how many of you guys here in mich are having the same probems with low ballers, forinstance i went to a yard when a lady wanted her grass cut it was a $30 job so i told here thirty she was like thats ok i thought maybe u might be lower than my current company i told her if u r happy with them why u trying to switch she said she wanted a lower price i said i would pass on the job.. so please give me other feed back on how bus is going in michigan......
  2. daveintoledo

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    there is one guy on here who is proud of his 17 dollar lawns in michigan... lowballer17......these guys just dont get what they are doing to the industry, and to hard working men and women....
  3. DJ Contracting

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    I hear ya lazerslicer05 this side of the state i see people cutting lawns for 10.00 - 15.00 per lawn. I just had one guy ask me how i charge and i told him what i do he said he was going to raise his prices due to fuel cost I told him that I'll stick to my prices seeing how i adjusted them last year in anticipation of rising fuel.
  4. lazerslicer05

    lazerslicer05 LawnSite Member
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    I just don't get how these guys can charge only 10-15 dollars to cut a lawn my smallest lawn takes five min and i get $20 cause i have a $20 min charge to pull up to a house...... local guys here r charging $15 $18 A cut i live in an older sub and have gotten flyers allthe time one said that he would cut lawns in my area for $20 my lawn is 100' x 175' and it said that they bagg all grass and haul it away..........Just wanted to get the word out to see what else is happening out there........
  5. Mike's Lawn & Snow

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    Yea i've retained about 90 percent of my customers from last year but picking up new customers this year has proven to be more difficult then ever.
  6. stumper1620

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    I'm having a hard time getting new mowing customers, the fert. is really taking off for me this year though. last years clients have all stayed and I think the plant closers in the Grand Rapids area is starting to leave a lot of people without the cash flow to have their lawns care for, on top of that the people who have lost jobs are taking them for anything it will produce as far as a cash source, If it saves the house or produces a meal for the family thats all they care. hourly rate is not their goal it is the total cash at the end of the day that matters to them, also, as people are losing jobs I kinda think some of the coworkers that have retained their jobs are helping out their friends that are no longer working by giving them the yard work.
  7. Joey bag a' donuts

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    I think that lowballers have and will always be apart of this industry. I'm not sure that they are the real problem here though. I think the bigger problem, this year especially, is the economy in Michigan has a lot of people cutting back on things that they would normally hire a service company to do. At the bare minimum most home owners can save one hundred dollars a month by cutting their own lawns...Think about it, Ford laid off thousands over the winter with more to come and that seems to be the trend for a lot of these big companys. A lot of people just arnt spending as freely as they were even 2 years ago. I trust its going to get better for these people in the next year or two and when it does expect your phones to start ringing again.
  8. mowerhands

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    Just had a lady tell me she found someone who will cut her lawn for $16, what a jackass, it probably cost $12 in fuel, she can have him.
  9. procut

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    I've noticed a slow down in the number of new customers I've added. Talking to a few other guys around town, their slow to. One guy thinks it is this GM thing and the economy as a whole that has people freaked out. There is also some serious low balling going on in my town.
  10. bigjeeping

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    I also agree that getting new customers seems more difficult this year than in the past. I retained about 95% of my customers from last year. As for this year, I have signed on 13 out of 70 estimates SO FAR!!!!!!!!! Man o stinkin' live.

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