Michigan (midwest) minimum amount of cuts

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Expert Lawns, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. Expert Lawns

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    For those of you in the midwest region (michigan impaticular), how many MINIMUM cuts do you put on your contracts? I"m thinking of going April 5 - October 31, then every 2 weeks as needed. but how would I word that?
  2. Metro Lawn

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    I write mine for 30 cuts, or as weather allows. 4-15 thru 11-15
  3. MOOSE

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    Ya I do mine for 28 cuts for April 10-15 to October 31

    It's up to you.
  4. justmjc

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    I'm doing about 26 but I know this last season I could have added another few cuts. I don't state the number of cuts in my contracts but you can believe I will start soon. I'm a little PO'd that I lost out on a few weeks of $.
  5. Runner

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    One thing, is that if you state 30, you always have the option of doing less, if the weather, such as dryness calls for this. If you run a bit short on the hot months, you always have a sort of a cushion to go into the Fall season. Many of times, these Fall cuts are great, because they can really mulch up alot of material - saving you work in the end.
    If you sell yourself short, - like with only 24 cuts for instance,... then you find yourself having to do further communicating with the customer to work it out if more cuts are needed toward the end of the season. This happened to me one time with an apartment complex I did for a few years. The last year, they wanted (insisted on) fewer cuts for the season. I advised them heavily against this, but they were persistent. So, I gave in. Well, at the end of the season, their cuts were up, but guess what. Yep. The grass kept growing. They waited and waited, then when we got yet another nice warm spell, they called and asked if I could come and cut it one more time. I did, - but after that, it was ME who decides when and how long the cutting season lasts.
  6. mtdman

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    I figure for 26 cuts. That's about average over the years I've worked. There are some years when you could go longer, some years when it's freezing in October and the grass has stopped. And that includes any skipped mowings in the summer when it's dry as a bone. Rarely have I gone over 26.
  7. I'm with mtdmaster on the average number of cuts.


    That's for a normal year. Fertilizing & water can affect the # of cuts required.

    I always cut "as needed" but I decide when it needs it.

  8. CamLand

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    we state 30 cuts from 4-15 - 11-01
  9. Grassmechanic

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    Why state how many cuts at all? My contracts state that grass will be maintained at xx inches, cut no more than once a week. This includes leaf pickup. Then, if you think it will take 27, 30, or 35 cuts, price it accordingly.
  10. mtdman

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    What if the grass grows so fast that mowing more than once a week is necessary?

    The only time I worry about the number of cuts is for my season prepay price. I always base it on 26 cuts. Other than that, my mowing service is based on weekly cuts. I state that I start in mid April (usually around the 15th) and cut regularly through October. After which I am available for on call service until Thanksgiving. By November I am busy doing leaves, and can't do both leaf cleanup and regular service. And usually in an average weather year, regular mowing isn't necessary in November anyway.

    I think defining a range of dates when regular mowing will occur is probably better than the number of cuts. Stating that regular service will occur, other than call offs for weather, and reserving the right to decide whether the yard needs mowing or not should cover it. That way people can't try to weasel out of mowing because they are cheap.

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