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Discussion in 'Employment' started by BPC, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. BPC

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    I need some help from you guys up here in the Macomb County area. I just moved out here from Florida. I know bad timing with the winter coming up but my wife was finally healthy enough for us to make the trip up here.
    I am desperatly looking for winter work with a company that will keep me on come spring. I have 10 years in the irrigation industry ranging from a one man one truck operation to starting and manageing the irrigation department for a multi-million dollar a year landscaping company in Orlando Florida. I own all of my own tools including a locator. The only thing I have no hands on experience with is winterizing a system but I did have to learn the process when I got my CIC through the IA. Since their certification is nation wide.
    If anyone in the area may have anything for me please let me know and I can forward my resume to you.
  2. Mimowerman

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    The best i could do for you is refer you to United landscape .... large outfit out of washington twsp. www.unitedlawnscape.com

    I have always wanted to start in irrigation division, however now is not really good timing. Best of luck
  3. danny17

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    You should also try Dynamic Lawnscape, Trost Irrigation, Maddox Irrigation, and Wilcox Bros.
  4. BPC

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    Thanks I will give these guys a shout and see what I can come up with.

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