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Hey Folks,<p>Got my mulching kit and trailer set up this weekend, so my brand new TTHP 36&quot; Exmark is ready to join me in the field (in a limited capacity while I continue to learn the controls and handling), but I have a question for those who have used the mulching kits:<p>Do you notice a loss of power? It's fairly minor, I think, but I notice when engaging the blade now, the machine seems to struggle a bit more then it did previously with the side discharge. I've never taken conscious notice of this sort of thing with my 21&quot; mowers when converting them to mulchers. Is this a normal effect?<p>It occurred to me the blades might be installed improperly, but after double-checking that, I found that not to be the case. There is nothing interfering with the blades ability as far as I can determine, either. <p>The engine, BTW, is a 15 HP Kawasawki. Anyone else ever notice this phenomena, or is this something I should have checked out?<p>-TGC<br>


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The mulching kit should not take any more power to turn than side discharge: UNTIL you hit the grass, then you'll need the extra power.<p>I'd give the engine a week of mowing to break in and for you to become used to the machine. Then if it's not working satisfactorily, you may need to bring it back to the dealer for inspection.<p>That 15HP on a 36 should cut through a forest.


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Thanks, Lazer. I toyed with it some more today and think I've figured out the strangeness I was hearing/feeling. Like you say, I'm gonna run it around some more and get used to it before jumping to anymore conclusions. ;)<p>-TGC


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Have your dealer check the R.P.M.'s, sometimes they don't get set properly and you won't get the blade tip speed you need. Having the mulch kit on will require more power because it is chewing instead of spitting!<p>Homer

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