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    Anyone have customers requesting over-seeding with microclover yet?

    I just had my first customer request for this.

    Check out this video and let me know what you guys think.

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    Why does everyone push videos??? you can't skim through a video and analyse the relevant facts??? you may sit through the whole thing and realize it was a complete waste of time???
    There is no problem with seeding with a clover that the client asks for... just make sure it isn't going to become a rapidly spreading weed for neighbors...
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    After talking to my turf pro at Conserv FS I was thinking about doing it to my lawn...then I thought about my new adjacent neighbors. We just moved in and here I go spreading my innovative turf into their lawns.

    Would you talk to the neighbors first and risk starting off on a bad note with them or be innovative and let them envy your lush clover lawn while theirs turns brown in July?

    They say it has relatively few white flowers so it won't look like a weedy...
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    I don't have neighbors myself, but as a pro doing someone else's lawn I would give the client a heads-up to inform his neighbors that he'll be actively killing any spread at the property line...
    I won't work for a client that is irritating the neighbors in that fashion...
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    I think it sounds like a good idea...that is...if your client is very green inclined. I don't think it spreads so rapidly that it will become a problem in a neighbor's lawn. And if so, the neighbor can just spray the clover with herbicide. And this is the problem--except for crabgrass control, you cannot apply a herbicide so the lawn will gradually become weedy. I do not believe the claim that the clover will crowd out weeds--exaggeration, in my mind. And remember clover only adds about one pound of nitrogen per year. And the white flowers, they are only present for about (I estimate 3 weeks); the special "Microclover" I am skeptical, probably has almost as many flowers.
    And remember clover needs a pH of about 7 or more. And prolonged drought may kill it. It is an amazingly good idea...HOWEVER...it would have put me out of business. No weed control permitted and no fertilizer needed--in fact nitrogen is detrimental to clover. Lawn care not needed (except pre-emergent).
    True, my strongly green leaning daughter tried clover on her yard, in Maryland. It did fairly well for whatever remained of her yard after the drought of 2012
    This needs a side by side test. Is anybody willing to try it?
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    Talk about cost prohibitive. I was interested in giving it a shot on my own lawn but after finding prices of $180 for 5lbs to cover my 3,000 sq ft from earthturf.com I think I'll have to keep looking for other sources...
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