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    I have looked into buying a microscope, for the business, to study mycorrizae and the diseases of turf. It may never pay for itself, but still give me specific knowledge of what we are actually looking at in the problem lawns.

    I have not had recent experience with microscopes so my question is:

    What are the important features or specs necessary to see the difference between one fungus/bacteria and another?
    Will a $500.00 scope do it?

    thanks for any input on your experiences.
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  3. Smallaxe

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    This is a useful thread. Thanks. :)
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    Great question! I just went thought this process. I went with the Meiji MX5310H, and am very happy with it. Tim Wilson has a microscope advisory paper that I found very helpful in my search. You can view it in the Compost_tea Yahoo Group under the files section. He has also posted some videos of his microscope work that you could see there too. The website is groups.yahoo.com (search for compost_tea).

    What you're looking at in that price range is a brightfield microscope with a mechanical stage and decent optics. You may want to look at some refurbished microscopes. I believe Microscopes by Nightengale have some on their website.

    I'll check with Tim to see if I can post his advisory on here, but I know for sure you can access it through the Yahoo Groups site.


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