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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by brentsawyer, Jan 7, 2004.

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    I am looking at buying a nice digital imaging program to accompany my Olympus dig camera. I will be using it for business to make brochures and other print media for show and want something that is nice and allows me do everything with as much ease as possible. These two programs look very nice and was wondering if anyone has these/used/uses them and their opioion or any other suggestions for a better program. I don't mind spending the couple hundred bucks I just want something that has it all so I can keep it around for several years. I for one have learned that skimping and getting just what you need as far as technology is concerned is not the best idea.
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    There both very good programs and they both have their strenghts. I have both programs and I use each one for their different strenghts.

    Digital Image Suite is a excellent photo enhancing program with alot of good tools. It is designed around the basic user but is still very powerfull when it comes to adjusting and manipulating images.

    Publisher 2003 is a excellent tool for creating flyers, brochures, door hangers, business cards, etc. and is also very simple to learn and to use and their are tons of preloaded templates for all of your application needs.

    Both programs are excellent but and you would be able to create very professional looking graphics with the both of them together.

    If you want to go the extreme route I would recommend Adobe Illustrator and Adobe PhotoShop. May be a little pricey but your options to create graphics and edit photos are endless.

    Hope this info helps you out.
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    I use Microsoft Publisher and PhotoDraw (both version 2000) but on occasion I also use Adobe Illustrator. A.I. has more bells and whistles than I'll ever need but like Wells said it's pretty pricey.

    You might be able to pick up a version 2000 of almost any software pretty cheap on eBay or a local computer swap meet.
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    Hi Brent,

    You can also consider the Adobe products as well.
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