Mid-day basketball break for employees?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by adam.neusbaum, Dec 15, 2012.

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    Good crews work their arse off and they certainly not going to be playing games when they get a break. As Richard said they want to get done so they can go home.
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    Yeah I would say that most would rather get home sooner. But...take a poll from your crew and see what the have to say. As mentioned before, if someone has an injury you'll be footing the workmans comp bill. But maybe ping pong, even though I wouldn't call that a sport.

    Way to think outside the box, especially for our industry. If there was a place for water basketball, or something like that...that'd be pretty cool. Guys get a break plus cool off in the water.
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    Sometimes we play frisbee waiting for the concrete truck but otherwise its work then play
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    This may be a bit long winded, but this is something we as a company do almost daily. Now we have finally found some real gems of employees. Precious brothers that "get the big picture".

    While I worked for american airlines(ramp agent/luggage loader/unloader/fueler/waste removal/cabin cleaner/deicer etc..), the airport only had 5 scheduled flights from 6 AM till our last flight at 5:35 pm(for the day shift). That long of a shift gave us a lot of downtime between flights coming and going. All flights but one were 35 minute turn around. The jets were Fokker F100's with max seating I think were 78 coach and 8 in 1st class.

    My first day on the job my trainer introduced me to the extracurricular, PAID on the clock as well, activities to do between flights.
    We had a full half court basketball set up. An 8 foot pool table. a regulation ping pong table. An air hockey table. 3 full size arcade games, bubble bobble, super mario brothers and an awesome pinball game called "bride of pinbot". Card tables littered the lunch/break room. Every imaginable board game you could think of we had. The APP mechanics built a movable on pneumatic wheels, football goal posts.

    After the flight would take off we would either play 5 on 5 basketball right on the tarmac apron right next to the airbridge(movable walkways that you stroll down to board the plane on) that was situated right below the passenger waiting to board area for the flights with wide open views of the tarmac. Passengers would sit and watch us get paid to have fun and bond together with each other doing these activities. Then out would come the goal post. We'd be place kicking field goals any way we could across the tarmac. Then sometimes it'd be a touch football game on the tarmac. Sometimes badminton. Whatever
    kept us busy.

    The winters also led us to have amazing fun playing on the tarmac. Before the plows and loaders would get to the snow, we'd have the baggage carts out pulling people behind them on all sorts of contraptions. Unclaimed luggage(that had sat there for at least 6 months), barrels, drums.. just all sorts of things.

    All of this was going on under the supervision and blessing of the regional area director for the american airlines. No one ever got hurt in the 2 years I was employed there.

    All fun aside. The entire principle of this took awhile to sink in. I became lifelong friends with the people I worked side by side with. Eating, breathing, working, sweating and having fun most likely led us to have very involved friendships. The BEST group of "humans" and best "atmosphere" of a job I have ever encountered.

    Today it seems everything is NOW NOW NOW NOW. No time for anything but WORK WORK WORK WORK.
    I've seen and worked with plenty of crews. Most of them consider cracking jokes all day, putting others down, disrespecting pretty much anyone as a formal way of bonding and getting to know each other. That is the farthest thing from the truth. Lawn maintenance is no exception.
    Gone are most days of finding the "right" kind of folks to work for or work with.

    So to the original posters question. I say absolutely yes go for it. Nothing in the world ever changes unless we TRY something different.
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    Was a delightful & insightful read.Thumbs Up
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    Used to work construction for a guy only five of us plus him once or twice a month he would call us in early Friday with a BBQ spread prepared followed by some football all of us were wrestlers which doesn't mix well with basketball haha. He would always tell is it was paid but we usually cut the last hour of when we turned in cards but was a lot of fun.

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