Mid May freeze damage

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DanaMac, May 16, 2014.

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    This past Monday and Tuesday we had a nice cold spell in the low 20s and 2"-12" of snow, depending on the part of town. I think the lows dipped even further in certain areas. I've had at least 30 calls for freeze damage due to this. Some were systems we turned on, some the customers turned on, some are new customers that also did it themselves. As usual, everyone wants it repaired right away. Can't be done with an already busy spring schedule. Funny thing is, some of them that had 6"-12" of snow, think that their lawn is drying out already :dizzy: Primarily bonnets and poppets, but there have been a few full PVB and RP repairs. This is the way Colorado used to be, with occasional snow and freezes in mid to late May. I'm hoping we are getting back to our weather patterns from 15-30 years ago.


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    That would suck. Maybe extra income but a hassle during the busiest time and some customers thinking it's your fault. The Febco PVB's are prone to break easily with the plastic bonnets. Wilkins seem to withstand freezing a little better. I can't tell from your pics what that is.
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    This one had a Watts 009 RP that is not in the photo. Replaced with a Febco, and repaired the three copper splits.

    The issue with the Watts PVB that you mention, with the brass bonnet, is that they freeze as well and damage the entire body by stripping out the internal threads. We replaced two of them this week because of that issue.

    There is one house I started up mid April, then repaired it two weeks later for three copper splits and 1" B&P. Then she froze it again this week with another 1" B&P. Older lady that can't get around very well. I told her we will have to wait until late May or early June next year, but she also can't get around to water the lawn by hand.

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