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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bigbone, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. bigbone

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    It seems most people prefer mid mount ZTR's to front mount. I currently have a mid mount myself. My question is, why are mid mounts preferred? I can certainly see some advantages to a front mount such as servicability and they would be easier to mow under bushes and such. I am thinking about getting a front mount as a backup.
  2. brucec32

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    I believe front mount designs allow for less ground pressure on the front wheels, so it doesn't smash down grass as much before you mow over it. and there is not as much resistance to turning with less weight far from the axis of turn. So maybe less turf damage.

    It also probably allows for lower center of gravity which affects stability. And if you are bagging a lot their grass handling systems are probably more efficient than a blower and bags fitted to a mid mount. The wheelbase the deck sits between can also usually be made shorter due to smaller front tire size and other factors, so that can help it conform to rolling terrain a little better. I'm sure front deck users can list more. There are of course downsides too. Cost, different hill climbing characteristics, top speed, performance on wide open high speed areas, etc.
  3. Fred Garvin

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    In my opinion the mid mounts are more maneuverable and faster than a front mount. I alway hear "you can mow under bushes with a front mount." Mowing under bushes is a very small part of the mowing in the jobs I have. Mid mounts take up less room so you can pull a smaller trailer or haul two mowers easier on a larger trailer.

    The negatives are the mid mounts ride a littler rougher and as stated before the weight of the machine is concentrated on 4 wheels. I'm not sure about this, but I don't think the deck of the mid mount follows the contour of the ground like a front mount will.
  4. johnnywill08

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    midmounts definitely save space on a trailers... got a coupla standers and theyre great, very agile.
  5. South Florida Lawns

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    Cuz midmount Z's are also faster
  6. Mowing Freak

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    I like front mounts as you can, on most mowers, prop up the front deck and sharpen blades, untangle wire, clean under the deck a lot easier than laying on your back. Also, the deck is up front so your not looking too sharp to one side while your mowing next to something so a little easier on the neck. Mid mounts do have pros but can't think of any right now...Oh wait, thought of one, they can get in a little tighter areas and like they said above, they take up less space on trailer, I am going to stick with my front decks long as I can.

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