Mid-size pond?

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by stuvecorp, Jun 16, 2010.

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    I'm bidding a mid-size pond, 30x30ish x 4-5' deep and have done some smaller Aquascapes ones but with the bigger ones it's more piecing stuff together. I am open to some other brands for the waterfalls or skimmer, what have you guys that do the bigger ones use? What about a bog, is it needed? I've put together a price without a bog and with rock and everything and it does get up there. I'd be curious what it would be money wise in other markets - PM me if you would like to share.
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    More info please!


    Fully functional wetlands filter capacity---3000 to 3500 gal.
    Not needed but will definitely add to filtration.

    Should not be a problem in construction. Same as smaller Pond only EVERYTHING is larger. Would not venture a price as I am sure that rock is considerably cheaper in WI than it is in FL.
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    Opps, I didn't give much detail. No stream, land is all flat with all spoil bermed on site. How about using core drilled rocks for a 'bubbling' spring into an upper pond that would have two waterfalls into the big pond instead of the biofalls? I kind of would like to get away from the regular or typical looking pond and make it look more natural, although the client does want a fountain.

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