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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by EastCoast, Apr 27, 2009.

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    I have been using this site for the last 4-5 years in reading reviews for all my lawn equiptment needs and have been very happy with all my equiptment purchases from great recommendations from this site.

    I currently own a 5 year old Honda HRX 21 in push mower that works great, but I'm looking to take a step up to a larger mower (36 inch) to cover more ground and enjoy the benifits of what a mid-size walk-behind mower has to offer. I would like to stay with the Walk-Behind Mower, not a zero turn rider.

    I really enjoy maintaining my landscaping on the weekend, so was wondering if a floating deck offers me anything, I'm on a 1/4 acre no hills and would hydro drive be overkill?

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

  2. LawnTamer

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    1/4 acre, flat huh. Well, I don't see a need for a floating deck. The advantages of the floating deck are the ability to quickly change height and the ability to deal a little better with uneven terrain.

    A hydro wouldn't necessarily be overkill. A 36" Dually by BOP would probably be a great fit. If you decide to go with a belt drive, check out the T-bar.
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    Ken - are you a homeowner/is this just for your own yard?
    If so, and you only have 1/4 acre lot, stick with the mower you have. I live on 1/4 acre as well and use my Toro Pers. Pace for it. It really isn't much mowing.

    If you are dead set on going with a bigger mower, look at BOP's Quick line.
  4. EastCoast

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    Yes, strictly my yard, one home.

    Besides the additional deck size, I think the cutting height increments on some machine 1/8 - 1/4 is keys as well, since my Honda only offers 1/2 inch increments. I take my landscaping very seriously, much more than your average homeowner.
  5. TheC-Master

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    Just your yard? I guess you could get by on fixed, I prefer floating though anyways, you could get by on belt but hydro is much better.
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    I agree with this !!
  8. lifetree

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  9. Lawnut101

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    Exmark, Scag, Toro, Bobcat, and BOP all make a good 36" WB. Can't really go wrong with any of those. By the way, my 48" WB is a fixed deck, and I think it is pretty good on all my lawns. I wouldn't mind having a floating deck on it, but I am definitely living without.
  10. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Agree fixed deck is what you need. Floating deck on 1/4 acre lot will not offer you much advantage but WILL cost more.

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