Mid Summer sod installation

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Weedburner, Jul 8, 2009.

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    I saw some sod being installed on new construction last week, around July 1 They have watered it well and we have got some rain, but it turns a little more brown each day. The property owner asked me if that's a problem and what to do other than water. I don't much experience with sod. Any thoughts. Most of our cool season grass goes dormant this time of year, could this be a problem in new sod?
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    I put my sod down in mid April and it has only really started to look nice in the last week of June. It looked good for 2 days and then it nearly all turned brown. Part of my problem was several weeks of intense heat which stresses the grass, the other part of the struggle was watering schedule. The sod has its roots in about 1/2" of soil so there is no use in deep watering, frequent short duration will keep the sod wet. It needs to be kept wet while its in shock from being cut and rolled until it can begin to root into the soil. I was watering all in the am and that was a problem, the sod company suggested I spread my watering times out over the day. I ended up watering before the sun hit it (about 6 am) then again around 10 am, and again in mid afternoon (2-3pm). Since my watering system could only schedule 3 times I would then go out after the sun was off the grass and water again by hand. I am still having trouble with a few spots that died out badly in the heat but over all its looking very nice and healthy. I have been able to reduce watering to 10 minutes every other day and will leave it to be sure there is no problem before I reduce it further.
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    Absolutely nothing wrong with laying sod at any time of the year as long as it gets the water it needs.

    Obviously the sod you are referring to isn't.

    Only issue might be if it isn't on flat ground.....then it could be a problem.

    It needs to be absolutely drenched 2-3 times a day in the summer,but it will be fine if it gets that water.

    Water water and more water.
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    nothing wrong with laying sod anytime new sod needs about 1 to 2 inches of water each day.
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    I did a sod job about this time last year in Bloomington IL.

    It did get watered religiously and the only section of the lawn that didn't turn brown was in the shaded areas.

    It took about 5 weeks to truly green up, but eventually did.

    Find out if fertilizer was put down too. I use a quick release 13-13-13 to help with initial root growth.

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